Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 2nd

Down for the count...

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 2nd Dan Gauthier

Many of you might know actor Dan Gauthier, who has been a favorite of mine for awhile for his roles in 'Melrose Place', 'One Life to Live' or 'Teen Witch', but I first lusted after Dan in the 1995 flick 'Illegal in Blue'. The 'oh so hot' Dan turns 45 today.

Dan in 1995's 'Illegal In Blue'.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for December 2nd Steven Bauer

I know I am not the only one who overused by 'pause' button on my old VHS version of the 1984 flick 'Thief Of Hearts'. Steven Bauer was a fav of mine in my early teens. Steven still looks hot as he turns 52 today.

3 Other Favorites Celebrating today December 2nd

3 Other Favorites Blowing out Candles today, December 2nd:

Model Scott Barnhill turns 31 today.

Actor Michael Boisvert turns 35 today.

Actor Dennis Christopher turns 53 today.

Favorite Return to Television: Charlie Hunnam

If you notice a few gaps in the resume of actor Charlie Hunnam it is intentional. This accomplished actor is careful with the roles he chooses. Charlie made a splash in the UK version of 'Queer As Folk', but besides a role in 'Cold Mountain' and 'Undeclared' was hesitant to jump back into series tv until he took on the role of Jax on the FX series 'Sons of Anarchy'. 'Sons' has been generating tons of buzz, not to mention controversy and it is great to have Charlie back on television.

Charlie in 'Queer As Folk'.

Below: Charlie in 'Sons of Anarchy'.