Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 19th

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Happy Birthday today April 19th

You may not know the face of today's Birthday boy, but if you're a fan of 80's teen comedies, you most definitely know the back (side) 

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A Place in the Sun

Charlie DePew in Famous In Love

I had never heard of the show Famous In Love, nor the network it aired on. The Disney owned Freedom network has been around for awhile, but until it's re-brand in 2016 was more commonly known as the Family Channel, but along with it's new name, comes some programming directed at a wider audience. Thanks to DC's Men of The Moment site, I spotted some some caps of the ultra hot Charlie DePew, which had me looking for more of the actor and the show.

The smile melting DePew plays Jake Salt, a character described as a down-to-earth guy from the Midwest with an edge who aspires to be a screenwriter and an indie filmmaker. The show also featured Bella Thorne, Georgie Flores and Carter Jenkins. I have just begun watching the show which follows Paige (Thorne) and the changes in her life after getting the lead role in a big-budget blockbuster.

Flash that nipple Charlie!

Famous In Love

Rough & Naughty: Will SF by YogaBear Studio

'It felt amazing to be naked in the warm sun in the middle of winter.'

FH readers were first introduced to the Will, and his work with David from YogoaBear Studio a little over two years ago. (Physical Gifts) The sexy massage therapist and Pilates and Yoga instructor has an incredible physique, and I loved hearing Will's fitness and physical journey from gymnastics to diving through to yoga and dance.

Will's physical strength is equally matched by his ability to use his body and personality to create dynamic and incredibly hot images. Having worked together many times, Will and David love working together and have a mutual respect for each others talents and how creatively combustible the results of their work together is.

Given's both Will and David's passion for yoga, the images I chose for the previous piece were mostly shot in studio and focused more on elegant poses and positions focused on long lines and stretch positions. Although maybe a wee bit more subtle, Will's singular brand of naughty was certainly still visually in full effect. For this shoot, Will and David spent the day together outside in the Southern California desert.

'This was such an awesome remote location with very interesting desert rock formations and an abandoned train. The train clearly called for rugged, mass, military, construction and cigar looks. It really brought out the rough and naughty sides of me.' 

When we transitioned to the rocks and terrain, we used more of my artistic/yoga skills. It felt amazing to be naked in the warm sun in the middle of winter. We definitely gave some unsuspecting hikers a thrill ;)'

I love that Will embraced his rough and naughty side and my favorite shots from the shoot are the ruggedly erotic images of Will with the cigar, in (and out) of his long johns. The old abandoned train is one of my favorite locations, and I love how David captures such different looks, and how he, and the location, brings out such different sides of the men who choose to climb aboard.

'This was the fifth time that David and I have shot together and it just keeps getting better. David is a super talented photographer who is very passionate about his craft and it shows'