Friday, December 1, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 2nd

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Happy Birthday today December 2nd

Happy 35th to model and actor Horacio Pancheri!

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Seasonal Sightings

Naked waiter/tree trimmer?

New Ways to Dream

'I am a man of few words...but
I show the world new ways to dream'

'flondo’s elegant, soulful, often erotic, sometimes provoking, always unique pictures have found a voice in K.W.’s lyrical, intricate, sensuous poems. Whether you read, or look, or watch words and images unfolding together as they inspire and complement each other, this dreamy, masterfully composed collection deserves unhurried contemplation.'

flondo may have been a man of few words, but his colorfully magical images spoke volumes. I first discovered flondo's work back in 2012 when I was working on a circus themed day. flondo's imagery fit in beautifully with the theme. I was recently again in contact about a feature focused on some of the historical images he created, using white wigs, cod pieces, and not much more. When my last attempts at contact were not responded to, I checked his Facebook and was sad to read that flondo had died earlier this month. flondo's images were so full of life and dream like fantasy, they reminded me of childhood fairy tales full of puppets that came dancing to life at night when no one was looking. Thankfully, flondo gave us all a peak into the night, and into the moments of magic.

FaVorites: Jonah by Art Lenser

I have been fortunate to be able to feature Pittsburgh's Jonah Model in two pieces over the last two months and his work with MW Photo MD. (Halloween Hotel | On The Rise) Jonah's passion for modeling makes him a natural in front of the camera, relaxed and open to creative collaboration with the photographers he works with.

And who wouldn't want to work with Jonah, in addition to his love and commitment to the work, the 20 year old model has a great body, tall, lean and perfectly suited for both fashion and fitness. Jonah also has a magnificently expressive face, especially his great lips and soulful brown eyes that add a beautiful layer of depth and emotion. One of the first photographers to notice and capture Jonah's with camera is photographer Art Lenser.

'Art and I have a good Chemistry when we shoot because we are laid back in our shoots. We are friends and that helps a lot. We do a lot of shoots for my portfolio which I use when I am seeking various modeling jobs. My work with Art has helped prepare me for working with various photographers.'

Jonah and Art have worked together close to 20 times over the last year, shooting a variety of looks and themes in both studio and on location. I especially loved Art's shots of Jonah on the train tracks, a location I particularly love as a setting for shooting the male form. Given this is Jonah's third appearance on FH, I took the opportunity to throw him my 'favorites quiz, a series of short questions to give viewers a bit more insight and info about the model and man in the images that so many of you have been enjoying.


Nickname you were given: J
Pet you had as kid: fish
Animal: dog
Game to play: Call Of Duty
Sport to play: hoops
Sport to watch: lacrosse

TV show: American Dad
TV guilty pleasure: Jerry Springer
Movie: Platoon
Actor Mark Wahlberg
Actress: Alicia Keys
Role in a movie you would have killed to play: The Flash
Song: Is This Love
Music Group or Artist: Gucci Mane

Food; ribs
Drink: Dr, Pepper
Cartoon Character: Sponge Bob
Celebrity you've been told you resemble: Cody Simpson
Crush you had/have posters of on your wall: Alicia Keys

Favorite modeling image taken of you:  The shower pic called rainy days