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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 4th

Jonathan by Donald Chambers
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Happy Birthday today March 4th

Happy 27th to actor Josh Bowman!

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William Katt in Last Call

'As a little girl, Cindy had to witness how the shady estate agent Jason Laurence killed her mother. In the 22 years since then, he was never called to account for this crime. So Cindy decides to take vengeance herself. At first she gets a job as secretary for Paul's most important business partner. Paul is immediately attracted to the big-busted blonde and they start an apparently passionate affair. When his business suddenly gets into problems, his partners drop out and he gets bad press, he has no idea why...'

Every February, as I put together the birthday post featuring William Katt, I find another image, or another reason to sustain my passion. There is just something about that blonde hair, his face, body that I love. It is interesting as except for the film Carrie, and First Love, (which a FH reader graciously sent on to me) I have not really seen him in anything. My fascination comes mostly from images and articles I have found while doing the blog.

Every time I feature William, I always come up with blurry caps from the movie Last Call. 1991's Last Call is one of those soft core films shot in the 90's, most of which were simply a platform for Shannon Tweed and  her impressive breasts. Short on story, I can't say I have seen any from start to finish, but I do remember they were 'safe' rentals back when going to the video store was one of the few venue's to see a little male skin.

Last Call is one of many forgettable flicks that have yet to make the transition from VHS to DVD (hence the blurry caps). After doing William's birthday post last month, I finally found a copy (why did I not figure out you can now do video searches until now...) and am including a couple of William's skin scenes from the flick. They are as stated, mostly Shannon skin showcases, but there is enough of William to hold one's attention. Even though you don't see much, there is something hot about William, even with Shannon on his lap, swinging around naked in the barber's chair.

Voyeuristic Streak: Jonathan by Donald Chambers

'My landscapes now come in the form of the human body. I love the male form and consider it an amazing honor when a model allows me to capture such a private part of their life.'

It can be interesting to hear sometimes how models and photographers perceive each other. For some, shooting is simply a business transaction, one or the other is paid and directions are given or followed. In other cases, especially for those where money comes second to their passion for the craft and experience, reputation and respect trump pretty much everything else.

It is not uncommon for models or photographers to have negative feelings, or speak unfavorably about an experience they may have had with the other. Most photographers have had models not show up, come up with every excuse in the book for not calling, or arrive at a shoot unprepared or looking like they have been up all night. Reversely, most models have had experiences with unscrupulous photographers who have misrepresented the shoot, brought them in for an underwear shoot, then expected them to shoot nude. Almost every model I have ever interviewed, especially those on Model Mayhem, have had to deal with porn recruiters who seem to endlessly scout the site.

Nashville photographer Donald Chambers has heard those stories and gets angered at what he has heard. Donald knows that it puts all of those photographers who shoot male nudes in a bad light. Over the past year or so, through working on FH, I have heard many photographers comment that it is getting harder and harder to find good models because of some of the bad experiences they have encountered. 'Most of us work very hard to be great photographers with good reputations.'

This is why I love featuring the work of artists like Donald. I love that he considers the trust that models put in him an honor and this is reflected the respect he gives back and the elegance and beauty that come through the finished images once trust and respect established. This is my forth profile of Donald's work, and each time I feature his images, Donald's goal to capture the male form through erotic elegance continues to remain front and center.

'Jonathan, was a fantastic model, very unassuming and rather shy, but blossomed during the photo-shoot and became more confident and his personality just lit up. He came to the photo shoot with about 5 baskets of outfits but quickly realized he enjoyed being out of clothes as much as in them.'

Whenever I profile a model, I love hearing about their first time in front of the camera, especially if that first time includes shooting without any clothes on. Jonathan's shoot with Donald was indeed his very first photo session and as you can see, the clothes came off. Donald considers part of his job to make the models he shoots feel comfortable and at ease, so although Jonathan was naturally a bit nervous at the beginning, Donald spent time talking him through the process. Showing genuine interest in what his model is thinking and feeling is of importance to Donald in order to earn the trust of those he works with.

I was initially taken with Jonathan's great face and especially his beautiful eyes. Very expressive, they were sometimes sad and serious, other times playful and always commanding. Although just his first shoot, through his eyes, Jonathan made an instant connection with the Donald through the camera, and therefore also with the viewer. Donald describes Jonathan as a joy to work with, sweet and definitely a charmer. I also love that Donald shared that Jonathan had a bit of voyeuristic streak which would make things a bit easier and a lot more fun for any shoot, especially one's first.

Donald Chambers on FH:

Eight Days Of The Week: Monday

As a lover of television, I often profile some of TV's hottest and most talented men. When it comes to who exactly is the hottest however, the task and choices are overwhelming to say the least. I thought a good way to get to the bottom of things might be to narrow it down day by day. Today I begin with Monday's prime time line-up and have narrowed it down to my top 5 of favorites. Monday is reality heavy on most of the networks and although The Bachelor, two of the judges on The Voice, and the dancers on Dancing With The Stars are all worthy contenders, I decided to stick with only actors on scripted shows.

Cory Michael Smith in Gotham

Monday was the logical day to start this series, yet proved a bit difficult as I don't actually watch any of the shows that the actors I chose came from. I know them mostly from other projects, or brief clips or scenes I may have seen of their shows. Gotham is a show I hope to catch during the summer, I love the dark Gothic feel and it looks like a lot of fun. Cory Michael Smith makes his debut as a series regular playing Edward Nygma who fans of the show know is actually The Riddler. The Broadway vet has such a great look, such beautiful eyes, face and that incredible jaw. Many of you saw a lot of Smith last year when video and caps from the stage version of Breakfast At Tiffany's hit the web. Sadly, the actors representatives tried to have them disappear, an act which I think only brought them even more attention. Some of the worlds greatest stage actors have appeared on stage nude and attempting to wipe them off Smith's virtual resume wasn't a wise, or respectful move. Smith will prevail though, his talent and look will ensure he is remembered for parts beyond just the one part they tried hide.

Brendan Fehr and Eoin Macken in Night Shift

Whenever I see a commercial for Night Shift I want to give the show a try, but I am a bit worn out from hospital dramas. Between ER and Grey's Anatomy, I am a bit tired of spending any more time in a hospital. That being said, I have not forgotten how much I lived Fehr on Roswell, and was intrigued to read last year he was playing a closeted doc on the show.

Fehr with fellow Canadian, actor Luke Macfarlane

Brendan Fehr in Sugar

Eoin Macken

Although his hair is shorter in these images, former model Eoin Macken (love his name) does get me worked up in all of the previews for the show. If the show earns a season 3, I might have to give it a shot!

Eoin in Siren

Joseph Morgan in The Originals

I tried the first season of The Vampire Diaries and although was briefly hooked, did not stick with it. I always sensed the show was long on foreplay, but short on actually follow through. Not sticking with however did mean I didn't get to know Klaus, who went on to the spin-off The Originals. I was familiar with Joseph Morgan however, the actor who plays Klaus. I had seen some of the London born actors previous television work in the UK including his work on Casualty and the mini-series Ben Hur. (below)

Joseph in Ben Hur

Joseph in Hex

Matt Barr in Sleepy Hollow

Until I began working on this piece, I didn't know actor Matt Barr was a regular on Sleepy Hollow. This is another show I have thought of starting, but time always gets in the way. I have loved Barr in many roles after falling in lust with him after seeing his naked romp along with actor Sean Wing in Ten Inch Hero (below)

Matt in Ten Inch Hero

Stay tuned for Tuesday.....