Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 30th

One of my favorite shots by Photographer Ethan James. See more of Ethan's work below.

Favorite Birthday Boys for Today April 30th

Happy Birthday today April 30th today to:

Love Canadian actor Paul Gross! So adorable, so talented. Paul turns 51 today.

Paul in 'Men With Brooms'

Paul in 'Aspen Extreme'

Happy 62nd Perry King!!!

Perry in 'Mandingo'

Happy Birthday Also today April 30th to:

Happy Birthday also today to:

Blair McDonough turns 29 today.

Johnny Galecki turns 35 today.

Jeff Timmons turns 37 today.

I have loved Adrian Pasdar since first seeing him in 'Vital Signs'. Although I am disappointed in Heroes of late, still love Adrian who turns 43 today.

Adrian in 'Just Like A Woman' (1992) Thanks to Casperfan for these caps!

Even though Adrian did not show as much in 1990's 'Vital Signs', this to me is one of his hottest scenes. There is something about just a peak, and those undies which had me rewinding and rewatching this scene many times.

Diane Lane- Hot Scene - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

TV Tidbits:

The television season is beginning to wind down with summer approaching. I also wondered why the networks have not abandoned the current tv season format and move to a 12 month season. Some networks, ABC in particular, kill their shows by taking multi month log breaks which really screw up viewership. If they planned better it could be done in a way that did not destroy the momentum many shows gain then lose due to the long breaks.

May sweeps are just around the corner, but some shows are already starting the desperate attempts to gain viewership. I loath when producers begin using terms like 'life altering events', 'life or death decisions' and 'one life hangs in the balance' when describing their episodes, especially their finales. This particular life finds them overly manipulative and in addition they are used so often, they have lost their power. Really, what 'life altering event' could really mean anything on 'Big Bang Theory'.

One person desperate to continue to attract attention in Oprah. Oprah should have left the air about 3 or 4 years ago. At that time she might have gone out with more respect. Some of her shows the past year or so are no better than Jerry Springer. Her interview with Rielle Hunter this week is a prime example. Oprah can longer claim to be 'above it all' when she does interviews like this one. I would also bet you don't see any of Tiger Woods mistress's on Oprah either...

In other talk show news, was Elisabeth Hasselbeck serious when she said Melissa Etheridge was over to her house the other night watching Dancing With The Stars together? I have been liking Hasselbeck more and more the past year (I know she is annoying and you all will think I am nuts, but I think she is more liberal than anyone on that panel, Joy included, except for Goldberg) but this would take the cake.

Speaking of tv, if your like me and don't get TV Land, you can still check out the Farrah Tribute and presentation by Jacyln Smith and Cheryl Ladd HERE:. Thanks to Tom Ryan for the link!

I am still working to save Accidentally On Purpose but I think the odds are against me. If you want to give the show a hand, please go HERE: and sign the petition. Every little bit helps!

You all know I have lovedIdol the past 8 years,and... most of you know I now have totally lost interest... But I am going to start back up again next week. I love the Idol's finale's and right now am hoping for an upset with Lee winning. Not likely I know but I am a fan of the underdog and even though Crystal is the clear favorite, I cannot see ever buying her album, but Lee's I might.

I am still head over heals for GLEE who has Olivia Newton-John as one of several guest stars this week when the 'Glist' becomes the center of drama.

And...Just Because: Jonathan Groff

I was pretty excited when actor Jonathan Groff joined the cast of Glee in the guest role of Jesse St. James. Although I have not seen in him stage, I have seen him perform on youtube and television. I love the soundtrack to Spring Awakening and wish I had been in NY when he and Lea Michele were in the show.

I love getting to see this talented stage actor get to showcase his talents on a show that is reaching viewership highs. I am hoping it will lead to more notice for this underated actor. Jonathan, best known for his role in Spring Awakening, has also been on stage in Hair, The Sound Of Music, Fame, In My Life, Godspell and Prayer for My Enemy. Although the character is meant to be diliked, I can helped by loving Jonathan Groff.

Below: In 'Hair' with Will Swenson.

Below: Jonathan as Jesse St. James in Glee.

Below: Jonathan with Lea Michele in 'Spring Awakening'.

Pic Series Of The Day: Eric Bell by Ethan James

The Photographer:
Ethan James

From Ethan's official site:

'James is a Ph.D. student at Middle Tennessee State University. He completed his B.A. and M.A. in English (short fiction creative writing) at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. His master's thesis was entitled, "Short Fiction Creative Writing: Storytelling with a Film Perspective." His fields of study include children's literature and horror films, narratological studies in television and film, applications of gender and queer theory in popular culture, and creative writing poetry, short fiction, and screenplay. He is also a freelance writer and former editor of nationally-ranked magazine and newspaper publications.'

I love the work of Ethan James and have showcased his work several times on FH. Ethan's work has not only a unique look, but as well, a unique feel. Although James uses various techniques within his work, I believe his use of lighting, especially muted, is one of his signature styles. Ethan's use of lighting increases the emotion and depth expressed by his shots. You can search the blog for more on Ethan's work or click on his official site link in the list of my favorite photographers. I especially love spending time on Ethan's blog which you can find HERE:

The Model:
Eric Bell

Though new to modeling, Eric Bell already has an extensive portfolio. In researching Eric's work, I was most impressed with his work with Ethan James. Eric, who hails from Cookeville, Tennessee, has left his small hometown behind to live and work far from home in Singapore. Eric had his sights set on modeling since his early teens. With his beautiful face it was a natural fit. Also a dancer, Eric's long term goal is to become a choreographer with hip hop being his favorite form to perform. Eric is represented by Fusion Model Management and you can see more of his work at their site HERE: You can also check out his Facebook fan page which he just recently began HERE:

Eric Bell

Height: 6'1"
Shirt: 16"
Waist: 30"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel