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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 14th

Wyatt by Studio1x
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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Valentines is such an odd little holiday. In general, holidays seem at their core, a way to bring people together, yet for many, end up doing the opposite. When you're a kid, eating chocolate and giving cards to your homeroom class seems pretty harmless, but as you get older, Valentines takes on an edge. I remember some incredible February 14th's when I was in my late teens and through my 20's, romantic dinners, wine, flowers and chocolate, love, sex, the whole nine yards.

I also remember a few that had me wanting to slit my throat. Painful Break-ups, relationships ending, unrequited love, especially when you're young, can make February 14th a painful pit of sorrow. You can't enjoy the day or stomach the food or even the candy. Being older doesn't mean the pain of a break up is any easier, but most of us have toughened up a it. Regardless of what we're going through, we've learned no matter how what's going on, not mater how bad it is... Enjoy the food, eat the candy, and most of all, drink the wine. Happy Valentines to All!

Heart Breaker: Jarron by Chris Freeman

Last October, I was fortunate to feature the work of photographer Chris Freeman and his images of the incredibly hot Jarron. (The Process Principal)  Included in the shots Chris sent on were a these three Valentine themed shots that I tucked away until this week.

When I  contacted Chris recently to make sure it was ok to go ahead, Chris not only said he and Jarron were fine with it, they were also just about to get together for a new Valentine's shoot. These shots are from last years shoot, but if you want to check out this yeas shoot, you can slip into a mild bath with Jarron  on PAGE 2 HERE:

NMS: Tugging At Your ❤️ Strings...

Enwrapped In Red

Starting with Claudiu back in 2014, NMS (New Manhattan Studios) has had FH reader tugging at their...  heartstrings with their Valentine themed images.  After Claudiu, both Bond and Norm and then a trio of heat throbs stepped in front of the camera with their hearts, and more laid bare.


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Naughty by Nature: Wyatt by Studio1x

I'll soon be there with snow
I'll wash my hair with snow
And with a spade of snow
I'll build a man that's made of snow

We all remember the scene on the train in White Christmas with Bing Crosby and company dreaming (and singing) about snow.  Unfortunately, when they arrive in Vermont, there is no snow in sight.  That's the thing about snow, it's rarely falls when we want, need or dream about it.  Instead... that naughty Mother Nature sends it whenever she damn well feels like it, usually when it's least desired.

Jim from Studio1x had a dream of a snow, and wrote me at the beginning of January about a sexy Valentine themed shoot in the snow.  Unfortunately, Jim doesn't live anywhere new Vermont, if he did, he'd be surrounded by snow, and today, under a winter storm warning.  Jim lives on the other coast in the Pacific Northwest, but with a bit of a hike, can still usually find the white stuff when needed.

'My goal was to do an outdoor shoot in the snow. Unfortunately we have not had snow yet this year. We headed up to the mountains in hopes of finding some but still, no luck.  We settled in a nice location that offered many different settings. I told Wyatt we would just do a quick shoot so he shouldn’t get too cold. Well he doesn’t know me well as my short shoots are about two hours. It was semi sunny that actually made it colder due to no cloud cover to hold the warmer air in.'

Jim and Wyatt had actually starting discussing a possible work collaboration awhile ago.  Wyatt is also a photographer, so they had a lot in common and a lot to discuss.  Attempts at a shoot earlier never came together, but last year they finally ended up doing a night shoot which resulted in some great shots.  Wyatt received a lot of positive feedback from the images from the shoot so when Jim asked about a possible Valentine themed shoot, Wyatt jumped on board.

'Wyatt has an easy going personality to go along with his great body. We had great conversation all day long, he has a fantastic view on many things. With the two hour drive to find snow I think we covered many topics. He has many interests and loves pushing the limits as he poses. I really appreciate his creativity and let’s just say some of the photos he showed me of his work made my jaw drop. It was a great day.'

Despite the lack of snow, the beauty of the winter tree's and forest make an incredibly beautiful background.  Jim also wasn't kidding about shooting for hours.  Jim sent on an astounding thousand plus images from his day with Wyatt, featuring numerous different looks, locations and touches of Valentine red, flowers, hearts and underwear to help celebrate pay homage to the shoot's theme.

'Wyatt was a trooper, followed directions great, never complained about being cold ( but you can see goose bumps on him in some photos along with some shrinkage) 😀.'

The shot above certainly speaks to the temperature, and makes it totally understandable why Wyatt's willy wanted to stick as close to the warmth of his skin as possible.  I wasn't concerned about size, but since Wyatt was a wee worried, I added a studio shot as Pic of the Day on Page 2 if you want to check out Wyatt's winky in the warmth of a studio shoot, check it out HERE:

'I’m an outdoorsy adventurous artistic person that thinks the human body is sexy in all shapes and sizes. I love shooting nude because I feel it intrigues the human mind in more ways than one. It was a little chilly during the shoot but I quickly forgot about it as we were taking great shots in a amazingly beautiful environment. Valentines Day is the Sexiest day of the year everyone should share in it.'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 13th

Wyatt by Studio1x
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A Vintage Vantage

Colt model Steve Kelso: Fresh as a Daisy

Milk Bath: Jarron by Chris Freeman

When I profiled Chris Freeman's work with Jarron last fall, I was struck by not only Jarron's beauty, but the powerful sensuality he exudes in front of the lens.  Jarron has an incredible face and body and his incredibly hypnotising eyes intensely draw you in.

Who better then to help celebrate the 14th, than Jarron, especially with the 24 year old model slipping into a warm milk bath at the end of a long day.  The tea lights and rose pedals Chris has arranged, complete the erotic feel and romantic atmosphere of both Valentine's day and if you're lucky.... Valentine's night. 

Fantasy & Flesh

February 1973

A look back at some of Playgirl Magazine's Valentine themed shoots

Terrence Dineen

Terrence Dineen by David Vance: February 1989

Keith & Julie, February 2002

Day of Wine and Roses, February 1990

Romantic Reunion, February 1999

Rob Monroe, February 1981

Derek Diamond, February 2009

Enrique Castro, February 2003

Studio1x: Bed of Roses

'I want to lay you down on a flat bed of roses'

If the air and ground were frigid, I'm sure the bed of Jim's pick-up truck was even colder.  Thankfully, that didn't stop Wyatt from laying down in his truck bed of roses for this series of shots.

If you remember Jim's Thanksgiving Day shoot with Bnaked, (Centerpiece) you might recall that Jim played double duty, both as photographer, and also taking on the arduous task of strategically placing vegetables over his naked model's body. For Valentines, it's not gourds and squash Jim had to ensure were in place, but heart shaped tattoo's and rose pedals sprinkled over Wyatt's body in all the right places.

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