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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 14th

Alin by Frank Joseph
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Seasonal Sightings:

The Chase:

I still remember sitting in class when the OJ verdict was announced.  We didn't all carry around our phones then, but so many of us were glued to the television when we had the chance.  I remember my teacher taking a break, leaving, then returning to tell the jury's decision.  Living on the East Coast, it was in the middle of afternoon.  Our teacher ended class after telling us and most of us shuffled into the hall to discuss.

Sadly, one of the lasting lessons doesn't seem to be about domestic violence, racist cops or the power of celebrity.  It certainly doesn't seem to be about the two innocent victims who were brutally murdered.  The legacy seems to be more about chasing, and not just white Bronco's.  It's about chasing fame and grabbing that elusive 15 minutes, no matter how grotesque the circumstances. 

CNN, learning nothing from the past, went to solid coverage after the news of the double murders death. After a quick nod to the victims, they went straight to the impact of the case.  I quickly turned the channel.  Later that night, while catching a bit of the late local news, and interesting story grabbed my attention.  It began listing the many people who used the tragedy to grab their 15  minutes, and  any cash that came along with it.

The most notorious face, and example of cashing in has to be Kato Kaelin.  Even his Playgirl spread is all about Hollywood and Fame.   He's certainly not the only one though, Faye Resnick also graced the cover of Playboy and many others took their shot.  The biggest, and most reprehensible culprit had to be cable news, who made media stars out of hundreds of hosts, commentators and lawyers who went on TV during the trial to share their thoughts and opinions. 

Looking back on Kaelin's January 1996 Playgirl appearance, I have to wonder how much they paid him to take off his shirt and open the top two buttons on his jeans.  Too much I'm guessing.  After quickly scanning the issue, Kaelin's layout was the least interesting part of the magazine. Since this FH, I couldn't let my research be a total waste...😊   There was a model however, who should have, and I'm guessing was originally was planned, as the issues cover model.  Check him out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

On The Radio, Whoa..oh-oh-oh

On my quest to find new sit-coms to help with my insomnia, I recently started watching Newradio.  I didn't think the show was that old, I remember watching it a bit when I was still in school, but low and behold the show premiered almost 30 years ago.   I don't remember really loving it or watching that much, but I do remember it being on, and the talented ensemble cast.

When I recently started watching season 1, I couldn't believe how young Dave Foley looked.  He's always had a bit of a baby face, but when I watched back in the 1990's, he was much much older than I was.  We're still the same years apart, but suddenly, they seem to be closer than when I was in school and originally watched.

I thought about doing a post on Foley last summer after binging the last season of Fargo.  It was a great season, with Foley playing Danish Graves along side Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jon Hamm.  I'd also recently seen caps and clip from the re-boot of Kids In The Hall and was surprised, no... more like shocked, to see that Foley and co-star Kevin McDonald went full frontal in one of the shows sketches. 

I shouldn't have been surprised however, after seeing Dave again in Newsradio, I did a quick nudity search and discovered Foley actually already appeared full frontal before,  on screen in two previous films.  Check out my favorite on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Daily Grind: Alin by Frank Joseph

'The seeds of greatness are planted in the daily grind.'
Adam Grant

Some FH readers might remember about the origins of the site.  I'd moved to a small town in a rural community to start a new job.  I didn't really know many people, and there was almost nothing to do in the area that I lived.   My job was also stressful, working with people who were struggling, in pain, and at their peak of vulnerability. 

I was used living in a city, and getting used to the sites and smells of a farming community took a little getting used to.  My life began revolving around work and then well... nothing.  I craved an outlet for my creativity and artistic impulses.  I eventually made some very good friends, began going out more, started running, got a dog, then another, but it took awhile build a life in my strange new world.

My first step in building that new life was breaking up the daily grind of work and my repetitive routine.  So many creatives begin their journey becoming weekend artists.  They make their living with a job through the week, then use their evenings and weekends to explore their creative passions.  Working on FH allowed me not only to write and create, but research and connect with artists, models and photographers.  For a short period of time each day, I was transported to a world of art, of beauty, and of incredibly hot men.

I think many viewers of the site drop in for a bit of a virtual vacation from their own daily grind.  Life is stressful, and whether you spend just a few minutes, or a few hours a week, we all need a break.  It's especially satisfying, when that break also includes stunning visuals, ones that are implanted, that can sustain and stimulate long after they were first seen.

Some of my favorite photographers, battle that daily grind, by taking control of it visually, and blending it into their work.  No elaborate backgrounds or complicated set-ups.  No reliance on fashion, or bursts of color.  Instead, they take the routine things we all do each day, often without much thought, and affix their own erotic imprint.  Through their skill, their imagination, (and sometimes a hunky Romanian model) these mundane tasks suddenly have an additional sensual and erotic foundation. 

One of my favorite chroniclers of the daily grind is photographer Frank Joseph.  Whether he's shooting a model waking up, dressing or undressing, showering, drying off or just pulling open the curtains in the morning, each ordinary task, becomes extraordinarily erotic.  Of course it helps when Frank is shooting a model as captivating as Alin.

'I met Alin first in Bucharest. He had a playful presence in front of the camera and we became long distance friends. A few summers later, when I was in Amsterdam for summer, I invited him to come. He had the same lean physique and full round butt.  He doesn’t maintain social media, so I’ve lost touch with him, unfortunately, but I really enjoyed our time together.'

Given Frank's appreciation for the architecture of the ass, it was advantageous, that the riveting Romanian knew the perfect poses to accentuate his assets.   In addition to his stunning lines and sensual curves, Alin also has a great face and I love the shots Frank captured with Alin's beautiful smile. 

If you want to take a few moments from your own daily ground, you can check out much more of Frank's work with Alin on his site HERE:  You can also join Frank's group Daily Grind on his site HERE:  It's free to join, and Frank sends a variety of hot shots out each week to brighten your day with a juicy jolt of the male form.