Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 21st

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

We all think of June 21st as the beginning of summer, but it's also however, the beginning of darkness. The beginning of summer is the years longest day, and not to bring you down, but we've been losing sunlight every day since. Since the beginning of July, we've already lost about 12 minutes, and we'll continue to lose seconds and minutes until the middle of December.   Hello darkness my old friend!

Crime of Seduction

I don't really know too much about singer and actor Frank Sinatra.  I remember my grandfather had some of his records.  My grandparents  had a huge stereo in their living room, and when we visited, I often looked through them, mostly to check out the cover art.  Recently however, I saw Sinatra's mug shot on a web page and for the first time ever, thought he looked sort of sexy.

I think it may have been the long bang hanging down one side, but it was a hot mug shot.  A little research, in addition to informing me that Ol' Blue Eyes was supposedly quite hung, I learned the reason for his arrest.  I'd never heard of the crime of seduction before, but that's exactly what Sinatra was charged for back in 1938.

Men at the time could be charged with seduction when it was believed that they convinced an unmarried woman of good repute to engage in an inappropriate encounter.  No so hard if you're a well known (and hug) young singer.  The charges were eventually dropped when it was discovered the woman in question was actually married.  Later that year however, charges were laid again, this time for the crime of adultery. A bond was set which Sinatra paid, and he was quickly released. The Adultery charge was later dropped and in total, he spent only a few hours in jail as a result of the situation.

From Here to Eternity (1953) 

Cary Elwes in Lady Jane

'The story of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for only nine days.'

Unlike in The Princess Bride, this film doesn't exactly  have a happy ending. In Lady Jane, Cary Elwes again doesn't technically play a prince.  In the 1986 period piece, Elwes plays a Lord, Lord Guildford Dudley. The death of King Henry VIII of England throws his kingdom into chaos and a plan is hatched by the Lord President of the Counsel to marry his son, Lord Guildford, to Lady Jane Grey. (Helena Bonham Carter)

Jane is unhappy with the proposed marriage, and is forced into it through corporal punishment by her parents. At first, Jane and Guildford treat their union as a marriage of convenience, but later fall deeply in love.  After only nine days, Queen Jane's council abandon her because of her designs for reforming the country. The new Queen Mary,  offers to spare Jane's life if she renounces her Protestant faith. When she refuses, Jane, her father and Guildford are executed.

Reds, Whites & Stimulating Views: Cayden by Briancan Photography

'Brian is very enthusiastic and encouraging.'

Red is always a stand-out color, not that model Cayden Clay needs much to stand out.  With his handsome face and incredible body, he's often the center of attention.  I remember first seeing his images on Brian's Instagram page, and hoped to eventually feature his work.

It didn't take long as Cayden was one of the models that Brian shot for a New Year's Eve shoot last winter.  (HERE:) I was also fortunate to feature Cayden in a follow-up piece featuring their studio work together. (Always Naked:)  With Cayden's hair and skin coloring, those red pants are especially eye catching, both on and off of his beautiful body.