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Love these PRIDE inspired fabric images of Gerardo by photographer John Mar

ACTORS & Skin: Treat Williams

'I define success as being comfortable with yourself and your life. And that is about as good as it gets, really.'
Treat Williams

I have a running list of actors I want to feature in my 'Actors & Skin' series and Treat Williams was near the top.  When Williams died earlier this month, I wanted to do something on the site, but a simple R.I.P post didn't seem enough.  I know some may think celebrating his nude scenes may not be the most tasteful way to do this, but this after all FH, and somehow, I'm guessing the actor might just approve.

I came to appreciate the actor's talent late.  Although I certainly knew of him, I did not watch Everwood, and didn't remember ever really seeing him on-screen. I do remember seeing Williams on a few episodes of Brothers & Sisters, but I didn't really pay that close attention to his character.  

I think it was back in 2013 that I first really noticed his talent, his beauty and his on-screen magmatism.   I had watched the movie The Killing Kind on TCM, and it had me wanting see more, and post about it's lead actor John Savage.  I ended up doing a post on Savage, (HERE) and in the research process,  watched 1979's Hair for the first time.  I think I may have seen  pieces on TV before, but had never seen the film in it's entirety. 

Williams was a stand-out as Berger, and even under the wig, his amazing face with his matinee good looks could not be covered or hidden.  Since then, I followed his career a little more closely, and caught him in several movies and television series.  Most recently I really loved his turn as the dad of the Mitchell family in the Hallmark The Christmas House movies.  I loved how open and gentle the character was to his sons and his son's husband. 

The story of William's appearance in The Empire Strikes Back, (above) also speaks to his character.  Williams just wanted hang out on the set, said he thought it would be fun.  He ended up taking on the uncredited role as one of the officers in the Rebel Forces in the ice planet scenes.  Williams happily worked as an extra on the film, just to have some fun, and be part of it.  Not many name actors, especially today, would take uncredited role as an extra just for the experience.

As much as I enjoyed his performances, I was truly struck with the outpouring of love Williams received from his friends and co-stars after his death.  I don't think there's ever been a celebrity I've seen gifted with us much genuine love and praise for what a caring, decent person he was.  I've seen huge stars, who after their death are praised for their gifts and talent.  Williams seemed universally loved, and touch so many he worked with due to his caring and kindness.  So many reflected on the time he took to get to know them and the stories he used to share.

I was especially moved by actors Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder who co-starred with Williams in The Christmas House movies.  Bennett wrote about how important it was for Williams to show (both emotionally and physically) other fathers the love a dad can have for his son's husband.  So many others shared similar stories of his spirit.  

The Ritz (1976)

'Evading a mob contract on his life, a heterosexual man winds up hiding out at a homosexual bathhouse.'

Even with his classic movie star looks, Williams took on many different roles, often preferring interesting roles and character parts to being the lead.  One of his early films, The Ritz, had Williams showing off his both his talent, and his good looks and hot body.

Although he wasn't nude in the film, he spent a fair amount of time in just a short towel.  Williams did drop the towel a few times on-screen with nude scenes in several films.  Check out the highlights in the SKIN part of this post on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Ladies Night!

'Oh, What A Night...'

Picture It... The Mediterranean, 2001
Ladies Night, the disco on the cruise ship Aida

FH viewers know I love taking a look back, especially when the view is of male strippers.  I love spotlighting strippers, especially from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's.  For some reason, the strippers seemed more real back then, more raw.  Although I know there are still great male strip clubs, some of the most famous have become so sanitized and tame.  Instead of being hot and naked, they're more G-rated Christian kink for the puritanical crowd.

Stripping means to strip, as in strip off all coverings.  The phrase dance around for ten minutes and keep your boxers tightly on is not in the official definition.  A few week ago, when I saw that photographer Ian from macpics had posted a few of these adorable strippers on his Instagram, I had to ask him about them.  The first two shots were taken in the dressing room of the on-board theatre of the Cruise ship Aida.   At the time, Ian was in the cast, and every two weeks, they'd have a ladies night.

'The Ladies' Night itself was held in the ship's disco and really was for ladies only, well unless a guy was prepared to wear drag, so in order to see what the show was like and take shots, that's what I did. All the guys in the show were either barmen or members of the fitness team. As you can see, as good as their bodies were, the whole gym culture wasn't as advanced as it is today, so they aren't quite as shapely as they would be now, but who's complaining? '

So, you're out at sea, you're lonely and there's a group of hot guys getting naked in the ship disco.  What's a guy to do?  Well, if you're Ian, as well as many others, you pull a Mrs. Doubtfire and go in drag  If you can't beat them,  join them.  Check out the last image below and see if you can spot which lovely queen is Ian.  Hint, he's the trashiest one!  

'On the Atlantic crossing at the beginning of the season we had a Miss Transe-aAlantik contest, meaning Miss Trans-Atlantic in English, and male crew members could get up in drag and compete.I wasn't able to take shots myself, but I have a group photo of the contestants.'

Prom King: Hal by Chris Teel

'You don’t find a style. A style finds you.'
Keith Richards

FH readers know how I love to visually celebrate a holiday, event or occasion.   With this being the last weekend of June, it's not only the start of summer, for many, it also marks the end of Prom Season.  When I first featured photographer Chris Teel and his work with Hal earlier in the month, ( Make 'Em Smile) I mentioned how difficult it was to narrow down images for the piece. Chris sent on so many great shots, I had to cut out so many favorites.

When I saw this series however, I knew they'd be perfect to celebrate Prom season, so I tucked them away to feature a little later.  I was still firmly planted in the closet when I attended my high school prom, but I did have a beautiful, and very understanding date.  When most of our friends headed to the beach after the prom ended, she was fine going to eat, and then home.  After dropping her off, I then headed to that beach by myself...

If I had been out, and brave enough to take a guy to the prom, I'd love him too look as hot in his formal wear as Hal does.  I'd especially have enjoyed him wearing his suit Donald Duck style, business up top, party down below.  Donald is known for his sailor suit, from the waste up, then little to nothing from the waist down.  Makes the prom night goals that much easier to achieve when the suit is already half off.

I'm guess Hal would be a fun date, and great on the dance floor.  I'm guessing his tight white boxer briefs would also be popular with the judges, making him a shoe in to win Prom King.  Hal shared that Chris planned and brought all the wardrobe choices, and this particular prom style is a winner. Hal to the King!