Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 16th

Dominick by Pierre Jean
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Thumbs WAY Down: NBC's Toy Soldiers

On the heals of two weeks of Olympic programming, a program where countries come together in the spirit of team play, good will and athleticism, NBC begins their 'after Olympic' programming with the pathetic and repulsive Star Earn Stripes. Even the hottness of Andrew Mclaren (above) nor the old spiced body of Terry Crews (below) can keep this piece of trash from smelling up the joint.

Todd Palin (another reality show Palin's...really...and you wonder why your family is the brunt of jokes across the globe?) and Nick Lachey (yeah, I know) lead this 'celebrity' themed military op themed exercise hour of trash. The military, and those who serve deserve respect, and this show mocks not only what they do, but also fails to see that dying for one's country, fighting for freedom, and all the hell associated with it, should not the subject, for all scripted frivolity of reality television. I am sure most of the 'celebrities,' except of course those who could not get any other gig, are thinking they are honoring the military. The show, just the opposite, besides belittling every person, not to mention their families, who has lost their lives, also gives the finger to the honor, the real honor, that actually serving entails.

Partie Deux: Samuel Boux by Pierre Jean

When I was in University I often visited Montreal. I had a good friend who was studying at McGill and often spent long weekends visiting. My most vivid memories of Montreal were when I was there on a weekday when he was in class. On those days, I would head down Saint Catherine's street, board a subway and when the train came to a stop, I would come up to discover new and exciting parts of the city.

For those of you who have not visited Montreal, there is really no where like it in Canada. Quebec is not just another province or another country, it is a unique culture not found anywhere else on the continent. Old Montreal, located between the downtown and St. Lawrence River, is a visual masterpiece of stone and architecture. There is a unique visual magic, especially with the passing of seasons, winter in particular. I long to return to old Montreal, it has been awhile since my last visit.

It was about a year ago I first profiled Montreal artist Pierre Jean and his work with one of my favorite models, Samuel Boux. I love Samuel's music and the intelligence and creativity in his work as a model. I am happy to be able to share his return in front of Pierre's lens. In the first piece, (February 2011) I described the architecture, so central to Pierre's work. The use of basic shapes, crisp lines and vibrant primary colors weaved with the artists interest in abstract bodyscapes, create such incredible images. The lines, colors and textures, and here the coroplast and red fabric, beautifully contrast the strength and lines of Samuel's equally beautiful body.

'I just got a great set of flash and I am enjoying exploring the possibilities of freezing moments at 1/125s. I love the arrested fabric flowing like in a classical painting. Sam is one of these enthusiastic models, beautiful energy, always wanting collaborate and push my creativity. He brings a lot to a shoot.'

There is a musicality to Pierre's images of Samual, especially the images with the flowing red fabric. Movement so beautifully fluid even though frozen. Samual, as most of your remember, is an acoustic guitarist whose music I have shared before. You can check out some of Samual's close to 87 original compositions on REVERBNATION HERE:

Model Mayhem HERE:
His Facebook Fan page HERE:

Pierre Jean: Préféré's

'As a photographer, I am interested in how the relationship between the camera and the model can capture an essence that transcends plain portraiture. I am also interested in abstract "bodyscapes". I like to work with uninhibited models open to exploration.'


'I took up this hobby a couple of years ago trying to make images that I felt could bring some original perspective on photography of the male body. It was great to find the site modelmayhem as it allowed me to connect with wonderful models to work with. I like to do more than one shoot with models that have good energy with me. I am happy also to be able to share the results on that site.'
Pierre Jean


When choosing some of my favorite shots from Pierre Jean's portfolio I was thrilled to see images of so many of my favorite models, many of whom I have profiled on FH in the past. Here are some of my favorite shots, check our more and choose your favorite on Pierre's ModelMayhem Page HERE:



Stefan previously on FH


Samuel Boux

Favorite Click of the Day: Luke Scrase on Casperfan

It seems house guest Luke Scrase was not happy leaving the UK Big Brother house in fifth place, but his time within the house was memorable. I have seen shots 25-year-old club promoter from Stoke-on-Trent on the net a few times, but thanks to Casperfan, finally saw the video. Know nothing about Luke except he has an incredible bottom which look great in and out of his boxer briefs! Check out the video on Casperfan HERE: