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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 11th

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The Feast Of Licentious


Canada's Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me.  Even though it's traditionally always been the second Monday in October, it still feels early.  Canada's Thanksgiving isn't rooted in the same traditions as their neighbours to the south.  There are no pilgrims or Plymouth Rock connected to Thanksgiving in Canada, just a celebration of harvest, focused on family and food. 

There is no black Friday the day after, Canadians hit black Friday sales the same Friday in November as they do in the US.  Without a black Friday, and it being on a Monday, Thanksgiving tends to be a little quieter up north.  It's celebrated over a long weekend with families (pre-pandemic) gathering on the Sunday or Monday to celebrate and feast.  Wishing all those readers in Canada (and I know there are many) a peaceful, and enjoyable day!

Legends of the Fall

Most of our important holidays are intrinsically linked to a season.  Christmas with snow and winter. Easter with rebirth and spring. The 4th of July with beaches and Summer.  Thanksgiving with the harvest and fall.  One of my favorite chroniclers of Autumn, is JDT PHOTO.  Check out some of my favorite JDT Autumnal images in my Quaternate Poste on the NEXT PAGE HERE:


Turkey For One: Hansel Wellington by Lights On Studio

'We've got another holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us.'
Charlie Brown

Nothing spotlights the impacts from Covid more than holidays.  Holidays are usually a time for family's to get together, even families that don't get along, can usually hold it together through a meal, well at least until the pumpkin pie is served.  This year, many families will be apart, taking the safe route, ensuring older and venerable relatives are not put at risk.  For many families, it will also be a painful reminder of those lost, family members who won't re-join the party, when the coast is clear. 

There have been many family holidays, when I didn't go home.  I often chose to spend them with friends, and my various families of choice.  My parents, my mother especially was never happy when occurred.  I understood, but sometimes self preservation is the healthiest choice.  Usually, when this occurred, I made a point of getting home just before or after the holiday.  To have a small celebration, without the entire brood to deal with. 

There has only been one holiday however, where the choice whether to be home was not my own.  It was the only family centred holiday, that I was forced to spend alone.  Most Christmas's, I try to get home a day or two before the big day.  I liked arriving early, and then heading home, right after.  This particular year, I my best couple friends, were having a Christmas Ever party.  I made plans to attend, and head home early the next morning.

Best laid plans...  When I awoke the morning of the 25th, there were flurries, but not enough to worry about, or alter my plans.  I loaded my car with gifts, my luggage, and two dogs eager for a road trip.  I drove about 10 minutes in light flurries before hitting the exit to the highway.  As soon as I started up the exit, I knew I was in trouble.  The flurries turned to heavy, wind whipped snow.  I creep along for another few minutes before realizing I had to turn back.  There was hardly any cars on the road, and not a snow plow in sight.  The snow was starting to get heavier, and piling up quickly on the roads.

I slowly inched my back, and arrive home about a half hour later.  My dogs jumped out of the car, eager to see my parents, who always welcomed them with treats.  The took a pause when they realized we were back home, and seemed to realize this was not going to be the Christmas we all expected.  I initially thought I could wait it out, and head in later in the day.  The snow just coming, all through the day and through the night. 

That Christmas was the worst Christmas of my life.  Not really because I was alone, but because I hadn't planned to be so.  There was no turkey in my fridge, no decent food really at all.  No presents to unwrap, no older brother to roll my eyes at, and no wine to take the edge off.  There was nothing but an undecorated house, and a tuna and cheese sandwich, to mark the occasion.  

As disappointing as that Christmas was, it taught me a good lesson about taking my family, the good and the bad, for granted.  It was fine to avoid them when it was my choice, but when it wasn't, the feeling was completely different.  The 'I told you so' attitude from my mother, was deserved, and I took it, without arguing back.  I never missed another Christmas with my family, and now that my mother's gone, regret even more, my tuna sandwich Christmas.  Even when I plan to be away, I now decorate, have food in the fridge, and wine!  Just in case....

When I was spending time with Lights On Studio's shots of Hansel Wellington, in addition to enjoying their Autumnal beauty, I was struck by how at peace Hansel appeared, although alone on the porch, nothing seemed to be getting in his way of enjoying the sights and smells of the season.  I'm quite sure his neighbours were also enjoying the view...

The home, actually belongs to a friend of photographer Tom Nakielski.  The Victorian home was once owned by the local banker, and Patrick, the new owner, is still in the process of restoring it.  Although Patrick was a little nervous about his neighbours peeking out their windows to see a naked man in his yard, he welcomed Tom and Hansel for the Thanksgiving shoot.  Tom says it was a perfect shoot, a beautiful location, and beautiful warm fall day, meaning Hansel being naked outside wasn't an issue, and any worries about shrinkage, were not a concern.

As many FH viewers know, Tom's work, often with Hansel, has been a big part of holiday celebrations on FH.  This has certainly helped Hansel jump high up on the list of models on my Baker's Dozen list.  Check out some of my favorite shots of Hansel in his Baker's entry on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Horror Hunks: Allan Kayser in Night of the Creeps

'The Good news is your dates are here.  The bad news is... they're dead.'

I actually caught 1986's Night of the Creeps last Halloween season.  Although there are a nice group of male cast members, there's no real nudity in the flick. The cast includes Jason Lively, Ken Heron and Tom Atkins, who I previous featured on Horror Hunks HERE:  I kept thinking about the film though as I never like to miss an opportunity to feature bulgy Bubba from Mama's Family, actor Allan Kasyer.

Set during a University pledge week, alien brain parasites are on the loose, entering the student bodies through their mouths.  Once inside, the parasites turn their human hosts into killing zombies.  A group of students discover what's going on and start to fight back.

As you can see from the images above, Kayser plays one of the zombies, and a hot one at that.  Although he doesn't really have a huge role, the actor's career was quite short lived, so I enjoyed checking out one of his roles that I hadn't seen before.  Night of the Creeps is enjoyable, but a B movie for sure, and intended that way.  First time director Fred Dekker also wrote the script and does a good job of blending alien invasions with teen horror. 

The Bubba Bulge 

Artwork by ChrisMannArt 

Allan in Mama's Family

Hot Chili (1985)

1985's teen sex romp comedy Hot Chili was the closest Kayser came to a nude scene.  Besides a scene in his briefs, there's a quick shot of side butt.  I guess we'll take what we can get. 

 This movie is actually pretty bad.  Most 80's teen comedies I can get some enjoyment out of.  This one was just annoying.  There were also so many missed opportunities for skin.  There are female breasts galore, but the scenes with the cute male cast members are frustratingly filmed.