Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 26th

Ruy from GLiMPSe visual
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Happy Birthday today October 26th

Julien Arias turns 28 today.

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Hating Julie Andrews???

Ok, so I don't hate Julie Andrews (but...she is a far cry from her goody goody characters she plays) but... what if I did? How do you dislike someone people have put on a pedestal? There are certain people people would look oddly at you if you said you hated, Desmond Tutu, Meryl Streep, Beyonce, Mother Teresa, Betty White to name a few. There is someone else that although certainly not like by all (hated my many actually) that has become a figure many in the gay community have gotten behind. Chaz Bono has gotten overwhelming support for his bringing attention to the transgendered community. Now, being the child of one of the countries sexiest superstars, gay icon and fashion trend center would not be easy for anyone. Being the cute blonde daughter who goes on to become a man would put complications into any family dynamic.

But...Chaz in annoying! His personality is grating, he looks completely bored and irritated during most interviews, has little to no sense of ha ha and despite any parental conflict is less than gracious about his mother in less than subtle, but frequent slams. The icing on the cake is that Chaz cannot dance! There are so many who back him up simply because of his gender (or transgender). If it is not OK to exclude someone due to gender, race or sexual orientation it should not be OK to include them solely based on it either. Chaz, I respect your hard work but hoping tonight the Hollywood Hills are alive with your getting the boot!

And just because...someone I do like, the adorable Tristan MacManus.

Just Because...

Just Because I removed the previous post that was here!

Ruy Acevedo by GLiMPSe visual

Photographer Gregory Lindeblom continues his mission to capture and portray the beauty of the male 'architecture' with his recent work with 22 year old model Ruy Acevedo. In my first profile of Gregory's work (Freezing Movement)I focused on the three primary themes; architecture, landscape/nature, and male figurative which he weaves together in his work.

Each of these themes is acutely present in Gregory's images of Ruy. Ruy is originally from Mexico but has lived in Miami since he was just five. Ruy became interested in the performing arts when in high school and although has been on stage in multiple productions but has only recently began modeling. In front of Greg's lens, Ruy exudes a natural elegance and ease mixed with his obvious strength and extraordinary physical architecture.

'He is a fearless model, whose natural beauty comes through each shot. It was a real pleasure working with him and I hope we shoot together again very soon.'
Greg Lindeblom/GLiMPSe visual

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