Monday, July 21, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 21st

Please tell me how you get a ticket for this ride!

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 21st Josh Hartnett

Besides a great bod, Josh Hartnett has one of the most distinctive faces of Hollywood's current crop of actors. His movie choices are hit and miss for me, but I do find him one of Hollywood's most interesting actors to watch. I do think he should be wise with his future film choices as to me he reminds me of a young Harrison Ford, without the Harrison Ford Blockbusters. Harrison is not one of Hollywood's best actors, but made a name for himself with blockbusters and specific characters. Josh Hartnett turns 30 today.

Also celebrating today July 21st

Happy Birthday also today to:

American Idol's Blake Lewis turns 27 today.

Ukrainian footballer Andriy Voronin turns 29 today.

David Carr turns 30 today.

Rugby's Mike James turns 35 today.

R.I.P Robing Williams

R.I.P Edward Herrmann

Johnny Beyer for Ed Hardy

Johnny hits the runway for Ed Hardy last week in Miami.

Favorite Torso for July 21st Robert Buckley

I have not watched an episode of Lipstick Jungle yet, but with the recent explosion of Robert Buckley pics on the net, I certainly will be checking it out this fall. Those basketball shots are hot!

Just Because: Channing Tatum

Just because any movie which features a couple of scenes with Channing Tatum, sweaty and dirty in his undies is worth watching and capping. Here is Channing in Stop Loss, which I though was a pretty good flick.