Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

Love this shot by Red Clay Photography

Check out December 14th birthday's HERE: & HERE:

The Home Stretch!

The deadline for entering Model Search 2012 is midnight on the 15th! If you have been toying with entering it is not too late, models are still applying including Kessler (above) who entered today! Check out the site for prizes and details.

Vote for the model you want to see in the finals!

tMf Winter 2011

Issue #3 of tMf will be released shortly and I am excited to share the next cover. I will be previewing more of the issue over the next few days but didn't want to wait sharing Dylan Rosser's cover shot of Benjamin Godfre! Inside tMf are the sensational results of Dylan's recent shoot with Benjamin, as well, I got to probe Ben on what exactly he finds sexy.

A Felix Follow-up

When I profiled photographer Doug Vetter's work with Felix this past Saturday, I left out these shots. I chose to focus on the images of Felix shot in the abandoned house and barn located within the Virginia countryside. But...given how much I love Doug's work with Felix, I wanted to share the rest. In addition, to share some of Doug's thoughts on the shoot and working with Felix.

'The photos are from two different shoots, both of which took place at the eastern Virginia home of Bob Worthy, a fellow photographer, fine artist, and friend. Bob introduced me to Felix and another model on a beautiful September morning and we spent about three hours moving around the property and taking turns working with each of the models. It was a great shoot, very relaxed and very productive even though neither of the models had much experience.'

'I especially enjoyed my time working with Felix. He is very friendly, takes direction extremely well, has a great attitude; and of course he has an absolutely stunning body! He was not at all uncomfortable about posing nude. Felix is somewhat soft-spoken and extremely humble, and smiles easily and often. I was especially taken by his beautiful blue eyes. The shoot went so well that Bob and I invited Felix back for a second shoot in October. The weather was just warm enough to be comfortable shooting nudes outdoors, and Felix was once again an absolute pleasure to work with.'

'The purpose of the second shoot was primarily for me to shoot some documentary video of Bob working with Felix, but I was able to fit in some additional photographs of my own as we worked together for about two hours. Felix has a very full schedule including work, school, and family (he has a beautiful young daughter), and we have not yet been able to work out a follow up shoot, but I am looking forward to our next opportunity to work together in my home studio.'
Doug Vetter

Although they have not finished the video of Felix, you can see a video of an earlier collaboration on Youtube HERE:

Jon Eland: Aimlessness

Luke by Jon Eland

'Ever taken the time to just wander aimlessly and see where your thoughts take you?'

Photographer Jon Eland recalls those days when you’d wander aimlessly with no real intent or motivation. Jon shot six guys meandering through different environments around West Yorkshire, my favorite was Luke.

Some people hate spending time alone, others crave it. It is in these times however, restless and unfocused, that futures are often mapped out.

Check out more of Jon's work, including more of Aimlessness HERE: