Saturday, January 12, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 12th

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Happy Birthday today January 12th to:

Happy Birthday today to Rugby's Ryan McGoldrick!

Check out other birthday boys for today; Kieron Richardson, Olivier Martinez and Anthony Andrews HERE: And more of Ryan along with Tommy Puett, Will Rothhaar, Andrew Lawrence and Sid Owen HERE:

Just Because: Big Men with Little....


I have always had fairly big dogs, labs, huskies and golden retrievers. I love taking them to the beach, hikes and on runs. Lately however, I have been thinking of getting something a little smaller. If anyone has any experiences or recommendations, please shoot me an e-mail!

The Metamorphosis of Chris Pratt

Back in October I expressed my lust for Chris Pratt, (Soda Pop) and especially his portrayal of Andy on Parks and Recreation. Chris has been bulking up, (as you can see from these Autumn images from P & R) upcoming role in Starbuck.

On this past Tuesday's Conan, Pratt showed off another look, his Navy SEAL body he developed, sweating his ass off while working on Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty. The image from last year was taken with Pratt's iPhone and has been making it's way through the Twitter universe.

Made, Not Taken: Dylan James Halliwell by Gordon Nebeker

Whenever I check my e-mail and see a message from photographer Gordon Nebeker I know I am about to be introduced to a uniquely beautiful set of images. Gordon's work has a specific feel and rhythm that he captures through pose, fabric and movement. Gordon shoots more than just a body in motion or a body in a specific pose. It is almost as if what Gordon actually captures, is the pose or movement in slow motion, focusing in on the grace, elegance and balance which led up to the final image. There are no clunky moments, just smooth, soft lines which glide with an effortless flow.

A second thing I love about Gordon's work is the choices he makes in choosing men to photograph. They are of course always amazing looking, but they are more. The models that Gordon shoots are always distinctive. Great bodies and extraordinary faces with both character and characteristics shockingly often rare in photography focusing on the male form. So many photographers almost seem to edit out 'the distinctive,' cutting out and covering over the unique, the different, even the flaws. What is left behind is a beautiful, yet sometimes rather generic final image.

The descriptive words used above absolutely describe Gordon's work with 20 year old model Dylan James Halliwell. The six foot tall, hazel eyed Dylan has so many amazing looks and appears so different depending on angle, pose and image theme. With his short hair he has a classic GQ look perfect for fashion. With his blonde hair longer and looser he has a sexy, sometimes pouty look both in and out of which ever style of underwear he is wearing.

Currently in college, Dylan's field of study is electronic media with a focus on film editing. Dylan's beautiful lines and poses come naturally as he describes himself as both an artist and dancer. The Pennsylvania based model has been modeling for almost 2 years and met Gordon about a year ago when he attended an open audition Gordon was involved in. Gordon remembers initially questioning how Dylan would photograph, but then, like Clark Kent's transformation into Superman...

'At that first audition, the eyeglasses came off and the camera loved him from the very first shutter release. The eyeglasses were hiding his expressive eyes and the longest eyelashes I have seen in some time. Add to that his slightly pouty lips and Dylan revealed himself as a natural.'

'Dylan has a great sense of humor which makes working with him a delight. And he loves clothes, particularly underwear! All the clothes in our shoots are from his own closet and he knows how to mix it up with fun accessories.'

Gordon also describes Dylan as his own man, someone who makes decisions based on what seems right for him. 'He is not a conventional sort of guy but he is not a conventionally unconventional guy either'. Besides art and dance, Dylan loves alternative music, has edgy tastes and values his many friends. Gordon was also amazed at Dylan's texting skills and is sure he can even text in his sleep!

'Gordon Nebeker is a great photographer. He works with his models to create a great picture to make us look good. His attitude is very calm and reassuring. Working with Gordon opened my mind to how I model and helped me express myself more in my poses. His editing enhances the existing art taken with his camera with his fine artist eye. These photos are made, not just taken.'

About a month ago, Gordon and Dylan finished up their third shoot together. Gordon felt they had a great variety of images and looks and felt it that it was time to share his talents with FH. Several photographs of Dylan will be included in Gordon's next photo exhibition on Friday January 19th in Wilton Manors, part of greater Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Gordon welcomes any one in the area to drop by!