Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 21st

Flexure by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Lots of Favorite Hunks blowing out candles today, check them all out HERE:

Sayonara Summer

With Summer transitioning to Fall on Friday thought I would post the remainder of the images I had set for Summer Sighting over on the OVER-FLOW HERE:

The Naked Truth by Hans Fahrmeyer

'Hans has shot some of the worlds most successful male fitness models, and many of the images captures have become iconic depictions of the male form. I believe many of the images within The Naked Truth are destined to join them. An extensive collection of work, as you turn each page, a new theme and visual experience is unveiled. Hans beautifully pairs each page with models, pose, energy, color and motif creating dynamic visuals and interplay between the images on the page.'

The quote above is part of the forward that I was privileged to contribute for artist Hans Fahrmeyer's new book, The Naked Truth. Living in a small country town, the Internet opened up a world of art and imagery Hans images were some of the first images that I noticed, enjoyed and collected after I first got on-line. Hans is one of my favorite chroniclers of the male form, and has been one of FH's longest, and most generous contributors. Since first featuring Hans' work back in 2009, Sunday's With Hans quickly became a FH staple, and has reached over 80 unique stories featuring dozens of models in hundreds of sensually charged images.

Hans Fahrmeyer's images are bold, colorful and unabashedly sensual. The intent is to evoke desire, and the intention is clear in the eyes of each model, and on each and every page.. This energy is palatable and through his use of vibrant colors, uniquely body poses and positions, as well a his creative editing, Hans channels this energy into images drenched in both intensity and urgency.

The Naked Truth is more than just a photo book, the 150 plus pages inside are a virtual visual history and encyclopedia of Hans years of shooting the male form. Hans not only displays a wide variety of themes and styles in the book, he wove them together, specifically choosing which images should be side by side. Hans' goal, to weave the artistic with the erotic, is there visually with each turn of the page. All of of the models you know and love when you think of Hans work are are included, as well as many new models and images never seen before.

As you can see from the preview video below, Hans holds nothing back, beautifully exposing The Naked Truth.

THE NAKED TRUTH by hans fahrmeyer from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.

Check out the THE NAKED TRUTH on Amazon, in both paper back and low priced Kindle Edition

Bruce Greenwood ACTORS & Skin

Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood has one of the longest, and most eclectic, resumes of any actor I know of. Greewood began his acting career with guest roles on Canadian TV shows in the late 70's. Since then, the Quebec born actor has appeared as a regular, or a guest star, on some of TV's most popular shows.

Unlike most actors, who generally focus on either television or film, Greenwood easily weaves in and out of roles on both genres, going back and forth between major motion pictures, and parts on Lifetime TV movies without missing a beat.

Bruce headed south to California in the early 80's and quickly got noticed by NBC. After the short lived series Legmen, Bruce joined the drama St. Elsewhere in 1986, taking on the 'hunk' role after Mark Harmon left the show. I wish St. Elsewhere would come out on DVD as I have only watched a handful of episodes, and would love to see the entire series.

Legmen (1984)

I loved Bruce's long floppy hair, even when it verged close to the 'Billy Ray' and the talented actor had a way of stepping into roles so seamlessly and skillfully, sometimes you're not aware it was him until seeing the credits.

St. Elsewhere (1986)

After St. Elsewhere, some of Greenwood's most notable appearances included roles on Mad Men, Exotica, Hardball, Nowhere Man, The Larry Sanders Show, Thirteen Days, Eight Below, John from Cincinnati, Star Trek and in last seasons American Crime Story and the TV re-make of Dirty Dancing. I think I first discovered Bruce on during his brief stint as Pierce Lawton on Knots Landing in the early 90's.

Knots Landing (1991)

After seeing the recent trailer for the upcoming Netflix version of Stephen King's novel Gerald's Game. I loved the book, and if you check out the 'skin' section below, you'll see that at 61, Greenwood looks as hot as ever, and decided it was time to feature Bruce in my series, Actors & Skin!

Bruce Greenwood: Actors & SKIN

With all of the varied projects actor Bruce Greenwood has been a part of, I was a bit surprised to see he has only three official nude scenes on his resume. His first, when Greenwood was 27, was the pilot episode of The Hitchhiker back in 1983. The second, when he was 33, was the incredibly erotic 1989 film Wild Orchid. At 51, Greenwood dropped trou for the third time in the Bob Dylan biopic, I'm Not There.

Greenwood, looking mighty fine 61, is again showing a little skin in Gerald's Game premiering later this month on Netflix. I loved the Stephen King novel, and am curious how they pull it together, especially given the main character is handcuffed to a bed for most of the story. Not sure how much of Greenwood will be on display, but h looks hot in his black boxer briefs, and handcuffs, that he sports in the trailer.

The Hitchhiker: 1983

If you look closely through the bars of the cage in the image below, there is a hint of a second bird int he bottom right hand corner. Greenwood's first nude scene was in the pilot episode for The Hitchhiker back in 1983. In the episode, Shattered Vows, the director very cleverly filmed Bruce undressing through the bars of the bird cage. I am not sure I would have noticed the nudity if I had watched the episode on TV. I needed it pointed out in the clip to notice. I uploaded the scene on Sendspace (HERE:)if you want to check it out for yourself.

I'm Not There (2007)

Bruce plays two characters in the 2007 biographical drama I'm Not There, inspired by the life of singer and songwriter Bob Dylan. In this scene, one of them decides to remove all of their clothing in a public bathroom.

Wild Orchid (1989)

When I first saw Wild Orchid, I have to admit, my focus was on the incredibly hot nude scene featuring the gorgeous Jens Peter. I updated my old post, with better quality caps of Jens (HERE:) if anyone wants to check it out. I was on a teenager when I saw the flick, and can't believe I didn't pay closer attention to Bruce, and his quick frontal flash in this scene. Thanks to SOMS, I have the scene uploaded on Sendspace HERE: if anyone wants another look.