Sunday, August 16, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 17th

Bountiful Bouquet by Andrew Bowman
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Happy Birthday today August 17th

Happy 61st to actor Sean Penn!

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Sunshine, Sex & Sunflowers

Despite knowing
they won’t be here for long
they still choose to live
their brightest lives
Rupi Kaur

Paolo Bellucci by Alisson Marks

There is something incredibly beautiful about things that only last a short period of time.  It adds to the power of their beauty and the intensity in the way they live and choices they make.  The lows can be lower, but the highs are higher, they have to be.  There's far too few to even think of wasting even just one.

Junior by Andrew Bowman

Nick Champa

If you've followed my previous pieces featuring Nick Champa, (HERE:) you know he has a fondness for nature and flowers. Following Nick on social media means seeing him often surrounded by fields, farms and colorful foliage.

Instagrams That Inspire

When 'google' searching for sunflowers and hot models, one of the most beautiful face and models that came up was that of the exquisite Julian HorneIf you check out Julian's Instagram, you'll see has a passion for beauty, including the beauty of sunflowers.  I think you'll forgive me for adding just  a couple of non-sunflower shots...

Hook & Tackle: Giuliano by Andrew Bowman

'Many models want to keep their junk in the trunk, and some penis's as we know, aren't always a model's most attractive asset...'

When it comes to his junk, I'm guessing Giuliano's trunk runneth over, especially judging by size of the bouquet, and the length of the stems used to cover it. The UK based model is one of the model's Andrew shares chose to flowers to maintain an air of mystery. 

'Yes for this shoot, the sunflowers were a way to protect  Giuliano's hook and tackle from being in full view and displayed. The thick stems just about covering the 'offensive' areas! '

Given his tight, toned physique, Giuliano didn't need to use sports equipment to achieve that 'masculine feel'. The 24 year old model's hot body, and his steely brown eyes, exude their own intensity and strength.  So does his firm, and perfectly shaped behind. 

Andrew didn't know much about Giuliano when they first got together to shoot, but says he quickly hit his stride and got into posing with the flowers.  Most of the poses Andrew captured, ended up being created by Giuliano as they worked.