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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 16th


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A Look Back: Summer Souvenirs

My passion for imagery of the male form motivated me to start FH almost 15 years ago.  Despite this passion however, when I first started, my knowledge base about photographers and artists was pretty basic.  I knew a bit about contemporary photographers, but didn't know much about the artists who paved the way.

Thanks to a loyal blog readers, I was introduced to the work of photographer Ken Haak and in 2013, did a day posts devoted to Haak and his work.  The blog reader not only shared his knowledge about Haak, he also scanned many images from one of Haak's most famous photo books, 1984's Summer Souvenirs

I ended up doing a full day of posts featuring Haak's work and it remains one of my favorite FH visual tributes to summer.  Although I just a child in 1984, I still remember the feel, the vibe and smell of summers in the 80's and could see and feel them all in Haak's images.  Check out the original post from 2013 HERE:

The Big Gay Brunch

Although captain hottie Jason Chambers, (above)  doesn't actually do the hiring for Below Deck Down Under, (that would be Bravo) he has certainly had his hands full this season.  Between sexual harassment and a thwarted possible sexual assault, there have been two firings already. I finally started watching season 2 this past weekend, and just got caught up last night.

All the chaos aside, I do like many in the cast staring with the captain and chief stew Aesha.  The deck hands have been more of a mixed bag.  Luke, who began the season as a the ship's bosun did show a fair amount of skin, especially given he loved to sleep naked.  Unfortunately, most of the shots of his naked butt were shown while he was being an ass, including that possible pesky sexual assault mentioned above.


I've never liked new bosun João, nor the fun loving, but quietly scary Culver.  Culver has a great body, but if you watched last season, you also know there's something a little off about the guy.  I do however love a little of the new deck hands Harry and Adam.  Harry is really sweet, and adorable, and loves his collection of speedos.  Adam is quieter, but he's really hot, and love his Brooklyn accent. 


Adam is a bit of an odd duck at times, but he seems like a nice guy trying to figure out how to present himself on reality television.  He also had the burden of being sexually harassed by the horrid Laura, who just couldn't handle Adam just not being into her.

Adam & Margo

Who could blame Adam, Laura was pretty unlikable, and completely oblivious and non-caring about how those around her feel.  I must say, although I wouldn't stalk him the way Laura did, I also have a wee crush on Adam.  I'm not sure if the shows producers knew of of Adam's Chaterbate past, but given that so many guys who from Below Deck head straight to OnlyFans after leaving the boat, I'm guessing it wasn't a deal breaker. 

The Big Gay Brunch!

Last week's episodes included a guest list of porn stars including Laura Desiree and Skyy Knox.  Skyy had a great wardrobe that he actually spent most of his out of, but it was fun cruise to watch.  The highlight was a big gay brunch which meant all of the deck hands donned budgy smugglers when serving the guest their breast shaped eggs and mayo oozing sausages. 

I may be a little bias, but I think Adam looked the best in his speedo.  Sure, Culver had his ass out, but Adam's shyness with his nut huggers was cute and as the brunch went on, he seemed to get into it.  Harry, who loves his speedos, was right at home and the whole crew got into the spirit of the event.

Blast from the Past: Jack Coleman in Dynasty

'What he's asking in essence is if I'm guilty of being gay. Well, nobody, not my father's lawyer, not you, not anybody in this courtroom or outside of it has the right to ask this because there is no guilt in that issue. Everybody in this state and in this country has the right to live his own life the way he wants. Provided that he's a decent human-being'

Although Al Corley seemed to take the role of playing the gay son on Dynasty seriously, he wasn't really the most talented of thespians.  Jack Coleman wasn't exactly Sir Laurence Olivier either, but he was coming off a few years on a daytime soap, and seemed better equipped to role with the confusing and chaotic writing the show gave the character of Steven. 

One moment, he's sleeping with slutty Sammy Jo, the next, he's visiting a gay bar in New York.  The next episode he's declaring his love for Claudia, only to be followed by lusting after Luke.  Coleman went with it for the most part and even when the story was hard to take seriously, Coleman was so purdy, you can still just sit back and enjoy the visuals.

The shot got Steven shirtless a lot.  I only watched sporadic episodes, but I'm pretty sure Coleman was shirtless in most of them.  Even though the writers couldn't decide whether to put him with man or with a woman, they did insist he change his shirt at regular intervals several times a day. 

In addition to Coleman's beautiful face he also has a great body, lean, but fit.  He also has a great chest and appetizingly nibbleble nipples.  Coleman also has an incredible pair of great long legs.  Steven was in shorts as much or more than he was shirtless, regularly shown exercising or playing racquetball, anything to show off the actors luscious lower limbs.

After Billy Campbell's Luke was written off the canvas, it looked like Steven was going to go back to women, but thankfully, they brought in another actor to grab his attention, and maintain his passion for penis. 

The actor was Kevin Conroy who was cast as Bart Fallmont, a would be politician.  Bart was stuck in the closest, worried about how coming out might impact his career.  It was interesting to see how he and Steven were introduced, rivals, on the opposite ends of an issue.  The sexual tension was immediate. 

It's worth noting again how ironic the casting for the show was.  As Billy Campbell's Luke tries to encourage Steven out of the closet, the closeted Rock Hudson is playing a romantic lead with Linda Evans.  Later, when Steven tries to encourage Bart of the closet, Steven's sexuality is taunted, and Bart is blackmailed because of his sexuality by Adam.  Adam was played by actor Gordon Thomson, who was then deep in the closet.  Thomson came out in 2017 at the age of 72.  No judgement, but it must have been fascinating for the actors playing the roles at the time.

In one of the last episodes I watched, Steven and Bart came to blows over an issue in one of the campiest, most enjoyable and silly fights I've seen on TV.  Steven didn't know Bart was gay when the fight began, but I think he figured it out by the time both ended up lying beside each other on the floor.  If you haven't seen it, check it out below.