Friday, August 28, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 29th

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Seasonal Sightings

Ahh, Hell No Karen!

Despite the many legendary characters he played, this Black Jeopardy sketch from SNL  never ceases to crack me up.   R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

With Friends Like These...

'When days are hot, when days are cold,
In the swimming hole'

With friends like these, you get images of Ansel Elgort skinny dipping.  We also get what I think is our first view of Ansel's deliciously perk patootie. Curious why Ansel's the only one of his hot friends to take it all off before diving in...

Baby Blue: Malyk by Lights On Studio

Earlier this summer, I began a three part series, (No Hesitation) featuring photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) and his work with the incredibly hot model Malyk.  When I recently featured a few shots from Tom's studio, you could see the space was full of costumes and props for any occasion. It also has a collection of sexy underwear that Tom purchases on-line to have on hand for models to use during their shoots.

This particular pair of skivvies stuck out to me.  Not just because of how incredible they looked clinging to Malyk, but because of their color.  I am not usually a big fan of baby blue.  I'm not normally drawn to it,  paint a room with it or wear any baby blue clothing.  The exception, would be underwear, especially briefs.  The reason is very specific and stems from a brief moment in a high school gym.

When I was in high school, I played Riff in West Side Story.  I'm sure that I'm not the only 'Riff' to have had a crush on my production's Tony.  The guy who played Tony was a guy I'm sure many of you know.  He was a popular, good looking, (cute more than sexy) and a jock.  There is always one jock in high school who ends up in the school musical.  Sometimes they recruited, other times, they just drawn to different interests.

Although a jock, this Tony had artsy parents.  A mother who painted, a father who played in the city's symphony.  This provided him a varied array of interests, and is status as a jock, allowed him to weave in an out of things like the musical, making it 'slightly' cooler for the rest of us  mocked dancing around the stage with toy knifes.

I'll never forget the day, baby blue became one of my favorite color of briefs.  We were in the gym rehearsing, when two of the mothers who were doing costumes arrived.  Although most of us were wearing jeans and white t-shirts of our own, the director wanted to see us all in our costumes.  Most of us, especially the girls were changing into dresses, headed into the locker rooms, but not the cutie playing Tony.

He stripped down right there in front of the director, the mothers, and those of us who stayed back to watch, to put on the clothes he brought for the show.  He pulled off his shirt, then his sneakers, then his pants. then bent down and pulled his costume out of his book bag.  I'll never forget those 45 or so seconds, with him standing and bending in his tight baby blue briefs.  Now he didn't fill them out quite as well as Malyk did, but there was enough going on in there to have myself, a couple of other cast members, and those two moms, to have a flush of red come over our faces.  I don't think he noticed, but I also don't think he really cared.  Those baby blues, are embedded vividly in my consciousness.