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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 23rd

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For the next 8 days, FH salutes both the fun and the frightening with our annual visual celebration of all things Halloween . We begin today with the fun, with a look at all things Spider-Man related. Not only one of the world's most popular Superheroes, but one of Halloween's most popular, and tight fitting costumes.

Web-Slinger by Justin O'Keith

'With great power, comes great responsibility. This is my gift, my curse...'

The body under Spidey's tight fitting blue and red spandex suit is usually that of a fit, but not overly muscled high school student. The suit's dual purpose is to both expose the wearer as the masked superhero coming to their rescue, but maybe more importantly, hide the identity of the man inside. I'm afraid the muscled form inside this Spider-man suit would be a dead give away to the powerful body within.

I first introduced FH readers to Blake, and his work in front of the camera of artist Justin O'Keith this past September. I profiled Blake's story, and his incredible work Justin in Iron Sharpens Iron. Justin send on so many great images, it was difficult to narrow down, but I thought these shots, especially of Blake in his Spider-Man suit, would make a great piece for Halloween week.

One of the reason's I love Justin's work with Blake is the creative way he shot the body builder and model. Justin uses his imagination and experience to to create images that not only embrace the individual qualities of the subject he is shooting, but also looks beyond the those qualities to try out ideas and concepts most others would not.

My guess is that most photographers who shoot Blake would not think of making him a super hero, and if they did, they might think of The Hulk, or another character visually more parallel to Blake's body and look. I love that Justin turned Blake into the webbed one, and I think we can all agree that he fills out the spandex nicely.

'The Spiderman costume was a trial run for some future ideas we want to do for more marketable material, definitely Justin's idea he always goes through thrift stores and finds the coolest things that we can create a theme for a shoot with; as intricate as homemade masks/thongs/straps/etc or as simple as eye black making ALL THE DIFFERENCE in our shoot. Justin is THE most creative professional I have ever worked with and now that he is my manager as well we have great rapport and the content is only getting, how should I say, edgier?'

Web Crawler: Skin Tight

'I am nothing without this suit.

Being neighbourhood friendly isn't the only reason so many love Spider-Man. In addition to his tough childhood and his desire to save the world, the fact he does it in skin tight spandex doesn't hinder his appeal. Spider-Man has been a popular costume for kids for decades. There is something about putting on the red and blue that brings out desire to jump around the living room spraying fake webs on every wall and piece of furniture.

For adults, pulling on the spandex is a bit more daring. If you're going to wear the suit, you go in knowing your people's eyes will zooming straight to your butt and your crotch and they'll be judging and sizing you up. My favorite movie Spider-Man was Tobey Maguire, mostly because I never saw Maguire as the least bit sexy until he ripped off his shirt and put on the suit in the first movie. Since then, the web slinger and his family just get younger, especially Aunt May whose casting is getting ridiculous...

Reeve Carney: Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Tobey Maguire, Spiderman (2002-2007)

Andrew Garfield, Spiderman (2012-2014)

Tom Holland, Spiderman (2016-)

Stinger: Peeled

Image by SaphireNishi

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Well, since I showcased our sexy arachnid in his tight suit, thought I should also post a few images of the suit being peeled off and our hero spandex free.

Reeve Carney in RollingStone

Tobey Maguire

Andrew Garfield

Tom Holland

Porn Parody's 

Tom by Visualizer

G Magazine shoot, see more on FH HERE:

Favorite Click of the Week: Peter Parker's Pecs

This Sexy Spider-Man Boudoir Shoot Will Get Your Spidey Sense Tingling

When looking for sexy Spider-Man themed images for today's posting, one of the hottest in an unexpected place. When I stumbled upon this story in The Huffington Post, I knew I had my Peter Parker piece to include with today's theme. This series, from Oklahoma City based photographer Sarah Hester features a male boudoir series of Peter sliding out of his suit at the end of a long hard day.

One of the reasons we love super heroes is because we get to know the circumstance and pain that brought their alter egos to put on the suit. Getting to know a bit about the man beneath the spandex is part of the appeal. This is especially true when that man is model and photographer Zach Howell. Zach and Sarah beautifully weave the nerdy with the sexy and this series, is the third time they have worked together, having previously collaborated on Dexter and Harry Potter themed shoot.

'It’s really just pure entertainment, it’s fun. There are so many sexualized female versions of fictional characters and it’s neat to explore the other side.'