Sunday, June 21, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 22nd

Forrest by Showoff Models
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Happy Birthday today June 22nd

Happy 30th to actor Douglas Smith!

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Welcome Summer!

'What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.'
John Steinbeck

Homo Erectus

I was a little worried walking into Jurassic World this weekend. I loved the original but the reviews I read were not overly kind. I really enjoyed it. Non-stop action for pretty much the entire two hours and the criticism thrown at Bryce Dallas Howard was highly exaggerated. Both she and Pratt were fine, especially given it was the dinosaurs, and the special effects that drove the film.

I love me some Chris Pratt, but it was not he who got me all hot and bothered as I sat in my seat in the theatre. I initially felt a little pervy lusting after actor Nick Robinson, but he was so incredibly adorable, I had to just go with it. Thankfully, a quick IMDB check let me know he was 20 so at least my lust was legal. I was just a year younger than Robinson when I headed to the theatre to see the first Jurassic Park and I remember it vividly. Unlike the films two squeals, Jurassic World brought back the magic, mystery and wonderment of that original film.

Robinson has a big career ahead of him I am sure. Besides being incredibly hot, he also a talented actor who has honed his skills in Disney movies and as a regular on Melissa & Joey. Look for Nick in two more upcoming films being released within the next year!

Below: Nick with Jurassic brother Ty Simpkins

Kings Of Summer (2013)

Hot Chick? Forrest by Showoff Models

With so many relationships, both personal and professional, beginning on websites, it is pretty common for models and photographers to connect on-line. Model Mayhem and various social media websites provide perfect places for models and artists to share their imagery. Forrest, however, wasn't exactly looking to model when he place his ad on the net. Forrest was travelling alone to San Antonio and decided to post an ad seeking a hot chick to hang out with while in the area.

Now.... most young guys looking to hook up with hot chick might not be overly thrilled getting a response from a gay male photographer, but when RJ from Showoff Models responded to Forrest's ad, the then 22 year old, was rather intrigued...

RJ thought thought Forrest was perfect model material, so he contacted him asking if he'd be willing to do a shoot. RJ was managing a hotel at the time, so was able to work out an arrangement putting Forrest up in a hotel for a week in exchange for the shoot.

'Forrest was very charming, funny, and very flirty. He could make you melt with those eyes. I was actually drawn to that shaggy hair of his. He was not at all shy about the shoot.'

The first image of Forrest that I saw, was the second to last image at the bottom. Although I am not always a huge fan of tats, Forrest wears them well! I love how RJ captured Forrest's skin and the colors of his tats in the natural light coming through the window. As RJ mentioned, Forrest has the most beautiful blue eyes and his hair is incredible. Forrest has an amazing body and a great face, looking especially beautiful in some of the profile shots RJ captured.

'I'm really a novice, in my spare time photographer. Not really looking to go pro or anything like that, but just really looking to have fun with this. I've been doing this for about 3 years off and on, but have just recently begun taking it seriously in the last year. My goal is to do some work with some of the up and comers on the site to gain some more experience, and to get someone started on their path to some of the more established photographers on the site.'

Given this was Forrest's first time modeling, he looks incredibly comfortable and natural in front of the camera. RJ did a great job in creating a complete portfolio for Forrest. In addition to the nudes, body and fitness images, they also shot a variety of clothed looks, underwear and fashion focused images on the streets around the San Antonio hotel. Forrest clearly enjoyed his first shoot, so much so he asked RJ for a second shoot.

If you want to see more of RJ's work with Forrest, you can click on Showoff Model's on-line portfolio featuring close to 300 images (and 2 videos) of his work with Forrest.