Sunday, August 25, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 26th

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BĂȘte Noire

'The opulent yet masculine look of this Mongolian fur cape is evident whether worn over suits, sweaters or....nothing.'

Masculine? Although I'm not a fan of fur (real fur) in fashion or photography, I do enjoy, and am fascinated by, vintage shots of incredibly hot models wearing the styles of the times. Fur was all the rage until the late 70's, but not sure I've seen one worn quite this way before.

An Andrew Appraisal

FH ended the month of July with Bodytorium, and his amazing set of images of Andrew and Lukas. (HERE:) I don't know about you, but I couldn't get enough of the sexy pair. Two weeks ago I featured more of Lukas from the shoot. (HERE:) Today, it's Andrew's turn to be appraised, adored and appreciated!

Check out more of Bodytorium's work with Andrew on PAGE 2 HERE:

Lincoln Younes: A Turn of the Dial

Last week, while flicking the remote, I ended up on the last few minutes of ABC's Grand Hotel.  I'd head of the show, and seen a few promos, but hadn't actually watched any of it.  The last scene involved an actor who instantly drew my attention.  When the female character in the scene called him 'Danny', I headed straight off to the IMDB.

I quickly learned that 'Danny' is played by Australian actor Lincoln Younes.  A quick google search of images had me realizing that if I ever have some spare time, I must add Grand Hotel to my 'watch list'.  It may be awhile, that list is getting pretty long.  In the mean time, I did have to check out any on-screen nudity, for research purposes of course!   Thus far the only nude scene I could find was a brief butt flash from the 2015 Australian series, Hiding.  Check out the clip below.

Grand Hotel

Hiding (2015)

A Personal Renaissance: Mike Clark by The Third Eye

'He has gone through his own personal renaissance and came out victorious becoming the person he set out to become.'

The world is set up to make personal changes incredibly difficult.  Although the outside world changes at record speeds, when it comes to internal, personal changes, even small tweaks and positive adjustments come with unrelenting obstacles and unforeseen barriers.

Overcoming the unrelenting challenges that come with change is why I love celebrating those who have managed a personal metamorphosis.  We so often look at great looking men and assume they were born with good genes, or are just naturally good looking.  From our own experiences, we know better, but it helps to think that, especially when we're struggling with making changes in our own lives.

Mike Clark didn't always have the body you see in this set of images from Rick from The Third Eye. The husband and father is a former powerlifter who's current physique comes from a recent switch to bodybuilding.  Mike is into aesthetics, and the art of the human body and loves to use his every curve and every inch of his body to visually express himself in front of the camera.

You can see and feel Mike's comfortably with his body in his work with Rick.  Many bodybuilders can skillfully pose in a way to best show off specific muscles and muscle groups, but some struggle with the connection piece.  Mike appears beautifully at ease connecting body and mind and utilizing his face, eyes and body in sensually expressive ways.

'Mike was immediately very transparent in discussing his background and how he got to be the man he is today. It seems he has gone through his own personal renaissance and came out victorious becoming the person he set out to become.  Part of this transformation involved his physical self. His physique is perfect and it so apparent he has worked very hard for his new body. Part of what makes him an excellent model is his comfort level with this new physical form.' 

'It is also clear he evolved in the area of self awareness and confidence during this journey. Mike is so determined to reach his goals and is doing all the right things that it shows in all of his actions. He was a joy to work with as well as fun to be around. He is very respectful which I love in this day and age. I admire the changes he has made in life which made working with him such a good experience.'

In addition to Mike's comfort level in front of the camera, Rick also describes the Ohio based model as one of the most professional models he's ever worked with.  Rick shares that he was not only punctual, but even checked in a few times to ensure everything was still scheduled as planned.  Rick really appreciated this, especially given how often he's been stood up.  Mike was aware of the planning and time Rick put into the shoot, and wanted to make the most out of the opportunity.

'The shoot with Rick was an incredible experience. From the moment I arrived at the worn down, rust-belt typical brick and iron construction warehouse building in Dayton OH, I knew the shoot was going to be special.'

'Rick was really friendly and professional from our first introduction, and this commitment to making the best use of our time was steadfast. The final images absolutely blew my mind! The natural lighting, Rick's choice of poses for me, and how he directed my facial expressions created profound and authentic images of myself, my personality, and my unique energy. The shoot with Rick will always be one of my favorites.'