Thursday, May 15, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 15th

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for May 15th David Charvet

Baywatch cutie David Charvet turns 36 today.

David Charvet in Meet Prince Charming

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for May 15th Brad Rowe

Ok, admit it, you all lusted after Brad Rowe in the 90's, I fell in love with him like many in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss. Brad is still working steadily today in both tv and movies.

More Brad Rowe:

Brad in Shelter:

Brad in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

Below: Brad in Body Shots

Also celebrating today May 15th

Also celebrating today May 15th

Rugby's Thibault Lacroix turns 23 today.

Big Brothers Flavio Montrucchio turns 33 today.

Favorite Magazine Scan of the Day: Shawn Ashmore

Oh Canada!
They are all over the net, but I wanted to add this pic here anyway.
Sexy Shawn Ashmore in British Cosmo. Great Pic! Always thought Shawn was a cutie, but this pic is incredibly hot! (tomorrow I will add Sean Faris also in the issue)
More Shawn Below:

Above: Shawn in the Terry Fox Story.

More Shawn Ashmore:

Shawn in 3 Needles

Shawn in Wolf Girl (Aka Blue Moon)