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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 2nd

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Happy Birthday today February 2nd

Happy 28th to actor Paul Mescal!

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To See or Not to See....

Ever since model Michael Moody tangled with our randy rodent back in 2019, (HERE:) many male models have had to deal with his wandering paw and manhandling.  Thankfully, every time the rodent gets randy, photographer Tom  Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) has been close by to both capture the moment, and put the horny bundle of fur into a cage, and then back to the forest. 

If you've seen my previous posts, you know the randy rodent isn't that concerned about whether he see, or doesn't see his shadow.  He's more interested in seeing hot naked men.  Over the years, Tom has caught the rodent trying to nuzzle up to not only Michael, but also Hansel, Benjamin and Tony. (HERE:)  The last time Tom had FH favorite Zilo in the studio, Randy was up his old tricks yet again.  Thankfully Zilo didn't mind, knew exactly how to handle himself to ensure the groundhog didn't get close enough to nip, bite a butt, or take a piece, of Zilo's pecker. 

Tom Parker in Superstore: Groundhog Day

'You were totally hitting on me.'

It's not always easy to find images and subjects with a Groundhog Theme.  Fortunately, a recent post helped me out. A couple of weeks ago, I did a piece featuring actor Harrison Cone. (HERE:)  I'd seen the captivating Cone on an episode of Superstore, and had to find out more about him.  In putting together that post, I remembered another hottie I wanted to feature, this time from the sit-coms Groundhog Day episode. 

In the season three episode, Amy isn't having a great day.  First, she injures the groundhog that's brought into the store for kids to see in celebration of the holiday.  Secondly, she questions whether she's ready to date again, especially after her work mates, thinks she can't get a hot guy.  Amy decides to ask a customer if he'd date her.  She doesn't actually ask him out, but wants to see if the hottie buying a suit would consider her date worthy. 

The beddable bearded customer is played by actor Tom Parker, who instantly caught my eye.  I'm guessing if you don't know the name, you've seen Tom's handsome face before. Tom's been working steadily since the early 2000's.  Although he's not really had any long term role, he has appeared in guest roles on many shows.  

Some of Tom's appearances were on shows including; Devious Maids, ER, North Shore, CSI, Everwood, Modern Family, 9 1 1 and This Is Us.  Like most hot young actors he also had the prerequisite shirtless scene on 2 Broke Girls. Tom also appeared along side actor Kerr Smith in the film Cruel Intentions 3.  

Tom's last role was in 2022 in CSI: Vegas, but hopefully with the strikes over, we'll see him back on television soon.   Although Tom unfortunately hasn't done any on-screen nudity, not that I could find anyway, he did have a hot scene in the 2009 series Mental in just his tighty whities.  Thanks to SOMS, you can check out the clip below.

What About Brian (2007)

2 Broke Girls (2013)

Mental (2009)

12 Days: Spencer Neville in The Obituary of Tunde Johnson

A wealthy, Nigerian-American teen is pulled over by police, shot to death and immediately awakens, reliving the same day over and over, trapped in a terrifying time loop - forced to confront difficult truths about his life and himself;

There is really no competition when it comes to films which celebrate February 2nd, and Punxsutawney Phil.  1993's Groundhog Day remains the pre-eminent film about the holiday.  Danny Rubin's writing is excellent, equaled by the direction from Harold Ramis.  Each character is perfectly cast, from the leads, down to each and everyone of the supporting characters.

But, if you've seen the film multiple times, and are looking for another film to watch, a more recent time loop themed movie was 2019's The Obituary of Tunde Johnson.  It too is beautifully written, (by Ali LeRoi, and beautifully directed by Stanley Kalu.  The films opens with a long, sensual shot of Soren, (Spencer Neville) which sets a beautiful tone which is soon to be shattered.

The two main characters are perfectly cast.  Along with Neville, the main character Babatunde Adesola Johnson, is skillfully portrayed Steven Silver. Babatunde (Tunde) and Soren are secretly dating, while at the same time, Soren is publicly dating Tunde's childhood friend Marley. Both decide to come out to their parents at the same time, on the day of Soren's birthday.

The early scene of Tunde coming out to his parents is beautifully written and shot and also very emotionally and realistically portrayed.  Tunde's parents both appear to have already have known, yet great the new in their own unique, yet loving way.  This scene was actually so well done, in some ways it betrays the rest of the film.  Soon after, Tunde is stopped, and fatally shot by a police officer, causing Tunde to have to relive the day, for me, making those initial scenes, a little less impactful.  

I also had some issues with the ending, but overall all, the parts I enjoyed about the movie far outweighed the parts I didn't.  As I said, it's beautifully shot and the actors create such real characters in relationships many of us can relate to.  They also looked really good together and played well off one another in their scenes together.

Steven Silver is certainly the lead, and the emotional core of the film, but it was actor Spencer Neville that had me checking it out.  I've followed and posted about Neville, (HERE:) since his modeling days, posing for Rick Day and many other well known photogs of the male form.  Neville successfully transitioned into the acting world, and was a stand out during his time on Days of Our Lives.  They certainly wasted one of the hottest actors on their show, even though his character brought a lot of spark into the Will and Sonny dynamic.  Neville was also great on The Deleted, and I've really loved the choices of roles that he's taken.