Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Sometimes after a long day at work watching my dvr of The View can be a nice way to end a day. Some days... it can be the worst. Whoopi Goldberg so moved me in 'The Color Purple'. I still love sticking in my old VHS tape of of 'Jumpin Jack Flash'. But... like Rosie before you, your quickly losing your grip...and your reputation. Frankly I am surprised the outrage over your remarks did not occur last year when you not so subtly blamed the victim, Rhianna for the actions of the abuser, Chris Brown. But...people let that go. Your outrage today was far from warranted. I hate losing respect for someone when I so love their work.


I know some most likely saw this coming but call me shocked. You can't help but wonder if Palin's checkbook brought ole studly back to the fold. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners aside, cannot wait to see the 'family' on display. Having to backtrack on all their previous attacks on one another when Palin attempts to run for some office in the future. There is a great movie here and it could only be a comedy.

Jesse L Brown By Justin Monroe

When I first saw these shots of Jesse L. Brown all I could say was Wow! Jesse says he is a a farm boy from Montana who is currently living in Idaho. Jesse says these shots by Justin Monroe was basically the first time he worked with a professional photographer. Jesse is not your typical looking model, but his 200 lbs and 6'5" frame, not to mention the intensity in his strong face and blue eyes create magic in front of Justin's lens.

Justin Monroe's work never ceases to amaze. Dramatic, erotic sometimes dark yet always colorful. The artist frequently takes his viewers into a world which can mix your best dreams combined with your worst nightmares. These shots of Jesse certainly fit into the dream category. If your not familiar with Justin's work spend some time checking out his brilliant site HERE:

Jesse L Brown

Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 204 lbs
Chest: 46
Waist: 34
Shoe: 14
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Some Experience

'I Am Not' by Brett Gleason

This past April I profiled musician, not to mention hunk, Brett Gleason. If you missed that post, please check out the profile of Brett, and photographer Nicolas Smith which I have re-posted below.

"Brett Gleason's first solo effort, 'The Dissonance' is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the low end crunch of industrial music with the melodic piano based style of a singer/songwriter."

The first single off 'I Am Not' has a sound I had not really heard before. After a couple of listens, and a couple of views of the video the song became embedded embedded in my musical memory. The song challenges the listener. Without the bells and 'hooks' used by many, you can not predict where the lyric and the melody are heading which is quite unique in today's Gaga land. Be sure to spend time with the video below. If you need another reason Brett is briefly naked in the last third...

'I Am Not' is entered onto Logos 'The Click List' and will be available for voting until Tuesday. Please head on over to Logo HERE: and help 'I Am Not' make the list!!! The video is the sixth one down on the left. There is a section to enter personal information but you don't need to do that-therefore, the number of times any one can vote is unlimited.

'It's an internal conflict with a universal application: You cannot bury, hide or deny parts of yourself for they will come back to get you. 'I Am Not' is about proclaiming pride in what previously caused shame, accepting yourself and the inherent duality of existence.'

You can check out more of Brett at his official site HERE:

Photos via Santiago Felipe.

The official video for Brett Gleason's first single, 'I Am Not' off of his debut EP, 'The Dissonance' (Check it out on itunes!)
Video directed by Drew Tobia with lighting by Mark Rangel and Santiago Felipe

A Look Back: Brett Gleason by Nicolas Smith

From April 10th, 2010:

Last year I profiled photographer Nicolas Smith. Please check that post out HERE: My love for his work has only grown since then. Here, Nicolas shoots Brett Gleason. Love these shots that were taken in 2007 and 2008.

It is my belief that often what is seen through the lens is a combination not just of the model, but maybe more importantly, the life experiences of the photographer. It is these two things together that lead to a great shot. Never have I seen this theory materialize more than in the work of Nicolas Smith. Check out more at Nicolas Smith's wonderful site HERE:

Brett Gleason:

"A Brooklyn based artist from Long Island, Brett got involved with music early after a childhood accident left him with a severe speech impediment, leading him to a life of solitary contemplation filled with music lessons and literature, earning him not only an arsenal of instruments at his command but a truly original and developed perspective."

"Brett Gleason's first solo effort, 'The Dissonance' is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the low end crunch of industrial music with the melodic piano based style of a singer/songwriter. High brow yet accessible, cerebral yet emotional, Brett Gleason's debut is getting impassioned responses and drawing comparisons to a wide array of artists including Trent Reznor, Tori Amos, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds and Joe Jackson."

You can find out more about Brett and check out his music ( I think my favorite track was 'The Worst Part') at his great site found HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 14th

Above: One of the amazing images from haringman. See more below!

Happy Birthday today July 14th 2010 to:

Happy Birthday today July 14th to:

Graham Ackerman turns 27 today.

Chad Faust turns 30 today.

Scott Porter turns 31 today.

Matthew Fox turns 44 today.