Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Birthday today February 16th

Happy 65th to actor William Katt!

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I have been featuring William Katt on FH since it's inception. Here are some of the highlights:

Above: Katt, Gary Busey & Jan Michael Vincent in Big Wednesday

Kelly Bishop: At The Ballet

FH began in 2007, the same year The Gilmore Girls went off the air. I hadn't started watching the show until about 2005, with the release of the DVD's. I was all caught up by the shows final season. Many of the 'TV HUNKS' I chronicled during the first couple of years on FH were Gilmore guys.

In addition to Milo, Jared & Company, one of the reasons, and one of my favorite characters on the show was Emily played the fabulous Kelly Bishop. I am beyond excited the show is returning, and although sadly Emily's Richard (Edward Herrmann) cannot return, I am looking forward to seeing lots of Emily. I never really felt the shows last season (not written by Amy Sherman-Palladino) did justice to Lorelai's relationship with her parents. Kelly's scenes with Lauren Graham were certainly some of the most interesting to watch.

A Chorus Line

There were many comments during the shows run about Emily's legs, and no wonder. Kelly is a dancer whose biggest Broadway role was her 1976 Tony Award winning turn as Sheila in A Chorus Line. You can see some of the spirit that eventually ended up in Emily in Kelly's performance of At The Ballet below.

Below: With Gilmore co-stars Keiko Agena and Melissa Mccarthy

The Gilmore Guys

With two female leads, there were many hunks that made there way through Stars Hollow in the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. In addition to her main off and on again relationship with Luke, (Scott Patterson)Lorelai dated several DILF hotties including David Sutcliffe, Chris Egan and one of my favorites, Scott Cohen. Although Rory had three main boyfriends during the show's run, I also loved her brief encounters with Chad Michael Murray and Wayne Wilcox. Lane also had a couple of notable boyfriends including Adam Brody and her eventual husband Zach played by Todd Lowe

When Rory first began dating Dean (Jared Padalecki) I thought she found the perfect first boyfriend. Cute, sweet and working at the grocery store. That was until Jess came along. Regarless of Dean's good qualities, I, like Rory, couldn't stop thinking of Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). My crush on Jess was cemented in the episode he wore the tight grey shirt in the episode when while walker over the wooden bridge, Luke pushes him into the pond.

Jared Padalecki - Dean Winters (2000-2005)
Jared in Supernatural

I was never a huge fan of Rory w ith Logan, but I did like actor Matt Czuchry, even more after he moved to The Good Wife. When I first posted on the show back in 2007 and 2008, there weren't too many skin shots of the actors except for Milo's early shoot with Barry King and a few shirtless shots of the others. Although Jared has mostly kept his pants on, both Milo and Matt went on to show a bit more in movies after relationships with Rory ended and they left the show.

Matt Czuchry - Logan Huntzberger (2004-2007)

Matt in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009)

If you want a trip down memory lane, here are some of the many Gilmore Guys pieces on the early days of FH:

Rory's Men (2007)

Milo Ventimiglia - Jess Mariano (2001-2006)

Although Rory lost her virginity to Dean, I liked that show brought Jess back to have a night with Rory in the show's later seasons. Although they didn't end up together, maybe that might occur when the show returns.

Milo in Pathology (2008)