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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 1st

Micah by MichaelR09
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Happy Birthday today June 1st

Happy 44th to actor Adam Garcia!

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Succulent Selfies

'So what's more red? My sunburn, my speedo, or YOUR FACE???'

A Byrd in the Hand

Earlier this month, while working on a piece on actor Brian Kerwin (Actors & Skin) I posted the image above. The promotional shot is from the 1984 TV movie Wet Gold starring Brian, Brooke Shields and actor Tom Byrd. I had forgotten how hot Tom was, especially his sexy furry chest.

I remember watching Tom on TV during the late 80's and 90's mostly through seeing repeats of sit-coms like The Facts of Life, Newhart and Fraiser that featured Tom as a guest star Tom was maybe most well known for his leading on role on a show I never had the opportunity to see, the short lived series Boone from the early 80's. I do remember though remember in the few projects that I saw, how adorable Tom was.

I also remember his talent. On The Facts of Life, I believed he played two different roles over the years, a mentally challenged art student in one, and a drug buying boyfriend of Blair in another. Tom was one of those actors I was sure would be working forever, but his last IMDB credits are his appearances on Fraiser in 2000.

Byrd in The Facts of Life

I remember seeing (and posting) some old caps of Tom's nude scene in the 1989 film Out Cold. Out Cold featured Teri Garr, John Lithgow and Randy Quaid in a comedy in which Tom's character Mr. Holstrom is having an affair with Sunny. (Teri Garr) In the scene, Sunny's husband Ernie (Bruce McGill) comes home forcing Mr. Holstrom to hide under the bed. The short scene includes not just a frontal from Tom, but also a brief frontal from actor Bruce McGill.

Recent shot of Tom

Out Cold (1989)

The gif above uncovers Tom's nudity, but if you want to check out the entire scene, you can download it from SendSpace HERE:

Fresh View: Micah by MichaelR09

'As an amateur photographer and frequent traveler, I like to use pictures to tell stories of the places I go and people I meet.'

One of the reasons we travel is to experience difference. Different places and experiences, different tastes, smells and views. One of my goals with FH is to take readers on a visual journey, tagging along with artists as they see, experience and capture models and images not necessarily seen on other pages and sites. When I first contacted Atlanta photographer MichaelR09, it wasn't about featuring his images of Micah, I hadn't seen them yet. The image I had seen was really great shot in his port of a hot, hunky and naked model with a unique and mysterious arm pose.

Michael responded with support for my featuring his work, and sent me on his DeviantArt link to check out more of his imagery. After a quick glance through Michael's portfolio, it was his images of Micah that grabbed my attention and had me wanting to see more. I loved Micah's look, especially how all of his unique features blend together to create such a visually fascinating and beautiful package.

His his lean sexy body and his Pebbles Flintstone pony tail. I also love the glasses, and especially the beautifully expressive, and sometimes sad, eyes behind them. Most of you know I love windows within imagery, and I was captivated with how Micah was looking out, and his relationship to what was on the side of the glass. There was a story there, and Michael's images had me wanting to explore further.

Michael shares that 21 year old Micah didn't have much modeling experience, so he provided very specific direction during the shooting process. Although Micah was pretty quiet, he also demonstrated a self- assurance and adapted to the shoot, and Michael's direction well, and really seemed to enjoy it once it got started. Micah clearly had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and Michael reports he was hard pretty much as soon as the shoot started and he got undressed. Michael tried not to have Micah's erection be the focal point and says that he tried to keep his images on the artistic side of the art/porn divide.

'Micah's's a country boy who recently relocated to a big city, which can sometimes bring on strong feelings of isolation. When offering direction, I was thinking about the loneliness he might have been experiencing.'

Michael's direction was clearly on point as you can feel what Micah must be experiencing as he looks out of that window. Alone in a brand new apartment, looking out at a big new city, thinking of both the possibilities it has to offer, as well as the uncertainty that awaits. Micah's story of his new life in the city is yet to be written, but I loved the first chapter that Michael so beautifully captured.

'I would say that aside from good light, the most important thing for me is good communication. If there's some understanding between photographer and subject, the chances are a lot higher that you'll get something good. I enjoy the process as much as the finished product, so I look for models who also enjoy it. I posed a couple of times myself and it helps to understand how it feels to be naked in front the camera. I like using different settings as opposed to a boring studio backdrop, so sometimes the location can add some drama.'