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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 30th

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We See Thee Rise

Over the last four years, I've tried to find a classic, Canadian themed pictorial from Playgirl Magazine, to spotlight on July 1st.   I thought I'd found them all, then discovered a feature with model Danny Dallas from the November 1992 issue.  Check it out on FH HERE: & Check out  links to my past pieces featuring Canadian models in Playgirl below.


Mr. Mississauga

Here's Johnny!

I know that many of you are already familiar with 20 year old Canadian singer-songwriter, vlogger, and actor Johnny Orlando.  But... for those few who don't, let me introduce you.. 

Johnny Orlando on Instagram

Yours To Discover : Kyle by Chris Teel

'The boner pics were planned however I may have got to excited early and then there was no going back after that....'

When I asked photographer Chris Teel  if he had any shoots or new models to feature on CANADA Day, he had the perfect model in mind.  Kyle looks more than able, and more than ready, to press through Ontario's hot and steamy summers, as well as plow through, those long and rough, and incredibly hard winter nights.

I know that some, still believe Canada is cold and snowy all year long.  Although the winters are long, the summers, especially in the Central and Eastern provinces are hot, humid and very very sticky throughout most of July and August.  What better way then, to celebrate CANADA  Day, and the beginning of July, than with a model who is more than ready to handle both the heat... and the very very sticky Canadian summers.

Ontario's slogan is Yours To Discover, and this outgoing Ontarian has plenty for viewers to uncover and explore.  Kyle's modeling journey began with his passion for health and fitness.  It was though his focus on fitness that he gained the confidence he needed to take the risk to reveal himself to others.  It also allowed him to feel both confident and free in front of the camera.  

'I was led to modeling and adult film because I love a camera. I take selfies all the time and with modelling for others, we can capture angles that on my own, my hand just can’t '

As far as boundaries go, when it comes to shooting nude, Kyle's main goal is comfort.  Given how vulnerable you are, being naked in front of everyone, trust, and a good relationship with the photographer is extremely important.  In Kyle's experience, Chris Teel is one of the best, and amazing at ensuring he feels both comfortable and relaxed. 

Friends & Family?
Friends and family members opinions matter and weighed heavily on my choice to pursue  nude modeling.   In the end however, it’s my decision and I love being out there in front of the camera creating content people enjoy seeing. 

Posting Nudes On-Line?
I was definitely cautious at the beginning of showing myself naked online. I either blurred out parts or didn’t place face and dick in same pics. Now it’s on all over my social media pages 😈

'I think my favorite thing about the shoot and what Chris captured was the sexual energy that I was feeling. When taking some of the more erotic or sexual poses the only thing I wanna hear is that camera click. You know you are both on the right page when the clicking increases to a rapid fire.' 😝 

It was that sexual energy that literally jumped out at me when first seeing the images that Chris sent on.  Kyle seems to ooze sensual energy from every part of his body including his handsome face and magnetic eye.   Ahh to have been a fly on the wall of Chris' Toronto studio on the day the shoot took place...  Thanks to this series of shots however, we get to take a peak, and both see and feel, what it must have been like.

Chris Teel on OnlyFans