Friday, January 29, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 30th

Luky by Bodytorium
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 Snow Blowers 

Favorite Import of the Day: Marc Porel

In 1976's L'innocente (The Innocent), Swiss born French actor Marc Porel plays Filippo, the hot hunk the lead's wife has an affair with.  It was a clip from The Innocent, that first had me looking for more on the incredibly hot Porel. 

Porel was a sensation in France and over the course of his professional career, between 1967 and 1983, Porel appeared in over 40 films. Porel didn't seem to shy away from his good looks and sex symbol image, and appeared nude on screen several times.  I've found another Porel film and nude scene that I'll post about soon.

I found the nude scene in The Innocent incredibly erotic, not only because Porel went full frontal, but because of the voyeuristic, and sinister nature of the scene.  While Porel's Filippo is showering, he notices he's being stared down by Tullio. (Giancarlo Giannini)  Is Tullio lusting after the wet naked man, or scoping out the competition  Either way, it's very very hot! 

The Innocent (1976)

'Tullio Hermil is a chauvinist aristocrat who flaunts his mistress to his wife, but when he believes she has been unfaithful he becomes enamored of her again.'

Instagrams that Inspire: Tylor Bradshaw

Tylor by Intimate Lens Creative

Last week, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stopped upon seeing an images of a stunning ballet dancer.  That dancer, was Tylor Bradshaw who has been performing as an artist with the California Ballet since joining in 2019.  I had to find click on Tylor's page to see more of his work.

Next 4 images by Bui  Photo

Originally from Redondo Beach, Tylor received his training from South Bay Ballet, Oklahoma City Ballet Second Company, Milwaukee Ballet Summer Intensive, and Oklahoma City Ballet Summer Intensive. In going through is Instagram, there were some stunning shots from artists from several of the cites that Tylor studied, trained and performed in.

Body Appreciation: Tylor with Gary Reagan  

Remaining Shots by Sean Smalling

When I'm not working I enjoy... 
Nature, coffee, and spending time with my white German Shepherd Aspen. 

I love San Diego because... 
I was raised on the west coast and I love the beach. No more real winters!

If I weren't a dancer, I'd be: 
A journalist or an author. In high school I had several articles published in L.A. 

Describe your perfect day:
A Sunday spent going on nature adventures with my dog. 

Shiny New Things: Luky by Bodytorium

'Luky's filled with positive energy, he's adventurous and he gets excited about trying new things'

If you're a regular viewer of FH, I'm sure that you're very familiar with the work of photographer Phil Dlab from Bodytorium.  Although Phil shoots a variety of different men, his focus is frequently on models on the verge.  Guys who are in the process of transitioning into adulthood, still with the youthfulness, energy and bodies of young men before time, and life, begin to impact body and soul.

I can't think of a better example of Phil's focus than this series of shots of Luky. (Lukas).  The 18 year student is turning the corner this year, graduating from high school, and heading out into the world.  It's a time of huge change, physical ones of course, but also a change in direction.  When we're school, the the focus is narrow, the main goal is making it through to graduation.

Luky's life in Slovakia mostly revolved around studying, and as goalkeeper for the floorball team he plays for.  Modeling naked wasn't necessarily in Luky's long term plan, that was until, he connected with Phil.  During the pandemic, most of us found ourselves at home more, and consequently, on-line more as well. 

Phil usually meets his models in person.  If you've read my previous posts featuring his work, Phil often finds new models through his friends, while out on the town or at social engagements.  Given people weren't getting that often, especially in large groups, it was much hard for Phil to connect with new subjects to shoot.  Although he's not really into social media, and much prefers in-person contact, when the pandemic began, Phil dove in and did what he had to do to connect with perspective new models.

'Conditions often aren't ideal and sometimes to move ahead you've just got to bite the bullet. So I've been scouring Instagram and every so often I find gold. '

When Phil first connected with Luky on-line, he found the 18 year old very friendly and open to shooting right from the onset.  Luky was also up for trying new things, and a nude photo shoot was both new, and a challenge he was more than up for. It didn't take much writing back and forth before Phil and Luky were talking on the phone, getting to know one another, and discussing what each might be looking for and expecting from a future photo shoot together.

'Even though Slovakia is a small country and you can practically drive from one end to the other in 6 hours, I don't always have the luxury to meet all potential models in person prior to a photoshoot. Coincidentally Luky had a floorball game in Bratislava, so we were able to meet in person on the following weekend.'

Upon first meeting, Phil felt an instant good vibe from Luky. . He was wearing a hat and Phil thought had him looking like a cute skater boy. Phil asked him if he could see how he looked with his hat off, and when Luky took off his hat, Phil felt like he was watching a scene from a movie in slow motion.  As his hair flowed down, Phil could only think how drop-dead gorgeous he looked..

The began their shoot by driving to one of  Phil's favorite spots in the country.  The location had a good assortment of hills, valleys, meadows and tree's that  Phil loves to use as natural obstacles for models to sit, lie, crawl and climb on.  It also had a lot of space for Luky to run around around in.  Often locations, even outside, can be limiting, and Phil wanted dynamic shots of Luky.  With Luky's energy, Phil wanted lots of movements, beyond Luky just walking or standing around.

'Luky has a very healthy and positive attitude towards nudity. It was one of the most comfortable and fun photoshoots I've experienced so far.'

In addition to being a natural in front of the camera, Luky was both pleasant, and incredibly charming.  After the shoot, they headed back to Phi's place in Bratislava, ordered pizza and continued the studio / indoor portion of the photoshoot.  You can check out 100's of additional shots of Luky from both their outdoor, and studio shoots in a series of three updates on Bodytorium HERE: