Thursday, June 19, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 19th

Favorite Birthday Boy for June 19th

I am a big fan of Hugh Dancy. Hugh turns 33 today. Unlike many actors from abroad, Hugh so far is playing his success in the US just right, non flashy roles in good pictures, no big blockbusters, just interesting roles as he gains a loyal following. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed The Jane Austen Book Club, and this was mostly due to Hugh and the great character he played, who I fell for in his first scene. (See previous post on Hugh).

What a fantasy, Hugh with Patrick Wilson in Evening.

Also celebrating today June 19th

Also celebrating today June 19th

Actor Paul Dano turns 24 today.

German Basketball Player Dirk Nowitzki turns 30 today.

Soccer hottie Brian McBride turns 36 today.

I am still a Kathleen Turner fan. Kathleen turns 54 today.

Phylicia Rashad turns 60 today.

Love Love Love Gena Rowlands. Gena turns 78 today. One of the best!

Favorite Reality Hunk for June 19th

Although Justin Gatson did not make it very far on Nashville Star, he certainly seems to be doing well in the world of modeling. I have heard him sing, not bad, but I think it will be his continuing to remove his pants that will provide the best chance of financial stability.

Just Because: David Beckham

Just Because: No self respecting blog which focus's on beautiful men would be complete without the latest Armani ads of David Beckham.