Friday, September 10, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 11th

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Endless Summer:

Back in early July, I shared that I would be posting a little less over the summer.  Regular FH viewers may have noticed a decrease in the days that I posted.  Unfortunately, that has to continue for a little longer.  Personal and professional issues are going to keep me from posting as often as I used to for a bit longer.  

I hope that within a few weeks things will get back to normal, especially with Halloween coming next month!  Thanks for your patience, and keep checking back, I'm still going to be posting, just not quite as often as I have been.

The Slab Boys

The Slab Boy:
Playhouse Theatre 
(Mar 07, 1983 - Apr 17, 1983)

Although the recent documentary Val has a many heartbreaking scenes, it's also a fascinating look into the actors career. I really enjoyed listening to actor Val Kilmer share behind the scenes stories of his time on stage and in films.

One of the most interesting stories to me was Val's time on the New York stage in the play The Slab Boys.  On a couple of years out of school, Val was initially hired as the lead in the production. As other actors, more well known for their film roles became available, Val was demoted. When Kevin Bacon became free, the director asked Val to take the second lead.  Then when Sean Penn was free to join the cast, Val was demoted again to the third lead position.

Bacon, Jackie Earle Haley, Kilmer and Penn

Val seemed to roll with it all, as did his video camera which captured the young cast behind the scenes back stage.  In the scene below, Bacon and Penn, both in their early 20's, moon Val and his video camera. 

Penn (l) & Bacon (r)

Grey Matter: Wes by Bob Burkhardt

'As for wardrobe, it’s usually a mix between mine and the model’s'

When it comes to putting together a piece for FH, I usually begin by asking a model or photographer to send on any and all images I might be able to choose from for the piece.  I love to have as many images as possible to choose from. Some photographers send on 100's  of images, other carefully edit just enough for the piece.  Bob Burkhardt is one of the photographers who sends on a huge selection of images for me to choose from.

One of the other reasons that I love a large selection of visuals to choose from is that I never really know what direction I'm going to go with presentation until I start piecing it together.  Very often, it's the the images, and something I see within them, the direct a stories focus.

Some FH readers may remember my previous pieces featuring Bob's work with the stunning Wes (HERE:)  Bob and Wes first met when Bob was shooting for BreedItRaw productions. As incredible as his physique may be, and as powerfully erotic his poses, when I revisited the images Bob sent, I found myself drawn to Wes' grey hoodie.  

Hoodies, especially grey ones, aren't especially know for their erotic appeal.  I usually only wear mine when I work out.  Draping Wes' body however, especially given he's wearing nothing else, the hoodie becomes the perfect piece of fashion to spotlight Wes' beautiful skin and incredibly hot body. 

I especially love how Wes so skillfully utilizes his fashion prop, holding it slightly different with each pose creating uniquely different looks in each images.  The hoodie also seems to focus the viewer on Wes's great face and smile above, and his beautiful penis and incredible pair of legs below. Check out more of Bob's work with Wes on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

'Wes and I connected easily and I could tell he had a creative energy. He’s quiet, but friendly and always has a smile.'

Ou Tudo Ou Nada

'Gentlemen - we only live once.'
Jerry, The Full Monty

Patrick Wilson

Over the years, I featured images and clips from both the 1997 film, and the Broadway production of The Full Monty. Of course the story fits the site's theme perfectly. A group of mostly average looking, working class men, who decide to take it all off to make some money.  Of course once they're all on stage, with the bright lights upon them, there's nothing average about them.

Mouhamed Harfouch

Actor Robert Carlyle led the group of wanna-be strippers in the film.  In the Broadway version, the names were changed, but the roles were basically the same.  Actor Patrick Wilson took on the group's leader on stage, playing Jerry Lukowski from 2000-2003.  The show went on to play all over the world, including the Brazilian production Ou Tudo Ou Nada.

The Brazilian production, directed by Tadeu Aguiar, was staged in Rio in 2015. The show followed the Broadway production closely, including the New York setting.  A few references were changed or updated to reflect changes since the original production.  Talking on the role of Jerry for this production was Brazilian actor Mouhamed Harfouch.

Although Harfouch studied civil engineering, he eventually decided to follow his passion for acting. Harfouch was initially shocked when he was approached about the role.  Although he'd done many plays on stage, he'd never appeared in a musical, nor ever sung professionally before. Harfouch was known to many for his television roles in telenovelas. 

Fábio Bianchini

Fábio Bianchini has been drawing attention. Interpreter for the stripper Bobby, he spends the entire time of the play dressed in only a  jockstrap Fábio trembled at the base when he was invited by director Tadeu Aguiar to give life to the character who, without a doubt, was the most daring of his career. 

'Everyone has problems, but they unite in the difficulty and take off their underwear to try to get out of that situation'
Tadeu Aguiar, Director

The highlight of the movie, and the musical production, is of course the strip in the shows final number.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that someone uploaded it on Youtube.