Saturday, March 9, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 9th

Vernon by takeurpicture
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Happy Birthday today March 9th

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy from the Creek, Kerr Smith HERE:. Also celebrating today; Matthew Gray Gubler HERE:, and Trent Croad and Nacho Huett HERE:

On The Run....

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, got called out of town unexpectedly on Monday and just got home late last night. My internet stick would not work in the motel I got stuck at which was probably a gift as time was not on my side most of the week anyway.

Streets Of Atlanta: Vernon by takeurpicture

When I first featured Louis Grosemont's work last year, I commented on his natural ability to capture raw masculinity. Although masculinity should be central to images featuring the male form, it often seems masked or covered and frequently photoshopped away. Sometimes it is so buried, it can be almost impossible to see. This is not the case with Louis. The Atlanta photographer has the ability to zoom directly to the core of a models inner testosterone, ejecting it to the surface.

Although Louis, from takeurpicture photography, did not initially plan on shooting incredible men, after teaching a course in photography it quickly became his passion. His philosophy is simple, take a models best features and accent them both visually and artistically and take photos that he himself would want to see. This is similar to my philosophy with FH. Life is too short to spend time writing about, and featuring work that I am not passionate about. There is something about the strength and virility captured within Louis's work that always stimulates me some way. There are many photographers shooting fitness and body building models who miss the key ingredient that Louis is always able to so beautifully spotlight. This philosphy absolutely applies to these images of Vernon.

Photographer and model did not find each other the way Louis usually connects with the models he shoots. For the past year or so, a photographer from Model Mayhem has been supporting Louis's work by recommending to certain models to contact him. The other photographer scouts men on the streets of Atlanta, asking if they have any interest in modeling. He next takes a few images, then sends them on to Louis to see if he has any interest in shooting them. Vernon was one of those men whose modeling began by just walking down one of those Atlanta streets.

'Vernon is 28 years old from Atlanta and stands at 6’3” and as you can see, was born to be in front of the camera. He made the job of shooting him so easy. Besides his easy on the eye look, he is a true gentlemen and very relaxed and natural in front of the camera. I look forward in working with him again soon.'

Canada Eh!

Over the last few seasons, Big Brother US has turned into the Allison Grodner bag of stupid twists. I fondly remember season 2 with Will and Nicole, season 3 with Roddy, Amy and Jason. Those seasons were simply 12 people in a house without all the father/daughter, ex lover and twin twists Grodner has thrown in for ratings. To me, these twists have turned a one time watchable summer guilty pleasure into a mess.

Well, it's not summer, but Big Brother started it's own Big Brother this season and it is not too late to get on board! If your not in Canada, you can watch each episode in it's entirety on Youtube. The show is on 5 episodes in, so if your in BB withdraw I would encourage you to check it out. The show goes back to it's roots, with just people (15 in this case), thrown in a house. The show takes the best elements from the US version, without the silly twists.

My initial reason to watch was 24 year old Nova Scotia farmer Emmett Blois. Emmett's introductory package showed a great guy with a cute face and killer body. His relationship and support for his gay brother also had me instantly smitten.

image source

I still like Emmett, but he has lost a couple of points for his massive tattoo and his hooking up with one of the most annoying women in the house, Jillian. Although I am hoping he might give her the boot down the road, right now, but the looks of the boner he is always sporting through his sweat pants, it is not going to happen anytime soon!

It is a testament to Emmett's appeal that he can pull off a hat most others would be mocked for wearing!

If your going to check out the show be prepared, there are 15 people and several of them look enough alike it takes a little while to tell them apart. There are two openly gay guys in the house, but I suspect there might be at least one more. Gary, who initially annoyed me, is growing on me and Aneal who I initially liked, is losing some of his appeal.

Even though the show is filmed in winter, in Toronto, the heat must be jacked in the house as most of the guys are shirtless all of the time. The only real skin thus far has been from the cute, but annoying Tom (below). As far as other guys, although Alec has an incredible stomach it is Andrew and Peter who I am most interested in seeing more of. Andrew is great contrast with GQ looks mixed with class clown and Peter is incredibly hot beneath his preppy clothes and glasses. Am curious to hear what others who check out the show think! If you want to give it a try, you can start with Episode 1 HERE: