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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 11th

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Happy Birthday today June 11th


Happy 53rd to actor Peter Dinklage!

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Dinklage in My Dinner with Hervé (2018)

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Hey Pretty Boy...

To Youngblood, winning wasn't everything - proving himself was.

Sooo... there's a hazing scene near the beginning of 1986's Youngblood. In the locker room, 17 year old Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe) is grabbed by his teammates, held down and stripped.  Then, teammate Derek Sutton, (Patrick Swayze) uses a jock-strap as a doctor's mask, picks up a scalpel, then shaves off Dean's pubic hair.

I have seen bits and pieces from the 1986 Peter Markle directed film many times, especially the scene with Rob Lowe in a jock strap.  I hadn't however, actually seen the movie in it's entirety until last weekend.  I think I avoided watching the flick thinking it was a sports movie.   I'm a big sports fan, especially hockey, a game I played, but I usually don't get into sport focused films.  This film, really wasn't a sports movie.

I was actually pretty surprised how blatantly homoerotic Youngblood actually was.  The first thirty minutes looked as if it was directed by David DeCoteau.  Shirtless locker room scenes, towel snaps, jockstraps and tons of close-ups of Rob Lowe dripping with sweat.  The second half of the movie was a bit more straightforward with it's hockey focus, but the first half was all about getting as many hot shots and angles of the leads pretty face and body as they possibly could.

I have to admit, although I've always thought Rob Lowe was handsome, I never really appreciated his beauty until recently.  When I was a kid watching his 80's films on VHS, I usually preferred his co-stars.  I was more into Andrew McCarthy than Lowe who I didn't really think was especially talented.  He was hot no doubt, but the fact he seemed to know it was a bit of a turn off.  Like so many actors however, my appreciation for Lowe, as an actor, and as object of lust, has grown as I've gotten older.

Lowe isn't the only hottie in the film.  In addition to Lowe and Swayze, Youngblood also featured Keanu Reeves and Jim Youngs, (who I previously featured HERE:) as Lowe's older brother. Although Dean Youngblood has a female love interest, (Cynthia Gibb) the main relationship, well, the one that gets the homoerotic bonding montages, are between Lowe and Swayze.

If you want to see more from the film, including Lowe's embarrassment scene in just his wet jock-strap, check out the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Sultry Summons: Brandon by Jack Saul

Come to my window 
Crawl inside 
Wait by the light of the moon 

FH readers are aware how much I love the use of windows in shoots with a focus on the male form., In addition to providing a convenient source of natural light, windows often add an element of erotic voyeurism.  I always find myself wondering what the model's looking at, and whether there are visible, and often also non-visible.... eyes looking back. 

If you've enjoyed my previous pieces featuring UK based photographer Jack Saul, you may be aware he often shoots in the same hotel.  The rooms have large windows along one side of the room, which Jack always ensures to make full use of.  For this shoot with Brandon, I was also struck with how Brandon made use of those windows, using them almost like an invitation, and an erotic summons to all those those who might be looking in.

Many models learn to use the camera as a stand-in for the viewers, using the camera's lens to draw in and seduce the viewer. Brandon's sultry seduction seemed almost like a well choreographed and artistic show, highlighted by his elegant poses and his expressive and enticing dark eyes.  Brandon's 'performance' is something he's studied and employs in his work as an adult performer and drag queen.

It was exactly those 'performance' traits that had Jack initiate contact with Brandon.  Jack first saw Brandon's images on Instagram and reached out about collaborating for a shoot.  Jack was confident given's Brandon's experience as a performer that he'd be perfect for an artistic nude shoot, and be comfortable with improvising different concepts and themes to create a stunning set of images.

'Brandon clearly presents a specific image of himself in the way he looks. I think he was wearing make-up which usually troubles me but this was quite well done and didn't strike me as posing an issue with the camera flash. Although there weren't any erotic elements to our shoot, with his experience with \ performing, he was very body confident.'