Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 6th

Favorite Birthday Guys for August 6th

Also celebrating today August 6th

Actor and Playgirl hottie Danny Lopes turns 26 today.

Actor Karl Davies turns 26 today.

Actor Ryan Sypek turns 26 today.

One of my favorites from Survivor (Remember him stripping for the first challenge, and the famous pop-out?) Ryan Opray turns 36 today.

Thanks to Dewey for the last pic.

Actor Grant Aleksander turns 49 today.

Favorite Sports Guy for August 6th Theo Bos

Currently getting ready to compete at the Olympics, Dutch cyclist Theo Bos is certainly a favorite of mine on and off the track. Theo is also the brother of the equally hot Jan Bos, his speedskater brother.

Big Brother Update: Who is going tomorrow...

It is not clear who is going tomorrow night. Memphis was the target, but with America's choice and the house going back and forth it could be an interesting night. It looks like Jesse could be toast, but that crew might cave to April's wishes in the end. I am torn, both Jesse and Memphis have grown on me (Or maybe it is just that Libra, April and Keesha are so damed annoying and loud). Memphis is getting better looking to me as time goes on, and Jesse is still entertaining to watch dispite his 'healthy' self esteem... If I could choose, Libra would be pushed out that door, loud mouth and all.

And just because Steven was so cute, had to add this pic.

Just Because:

Just because even though he is covering up, doing something odd with his hair and make up... Chace Crawford has a curse to look hot no matter what.