Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 29th

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Happy Birthday today November 29th

Happy 41st to actor Chadwick Boseman!

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Nalgas Finas

Ad Men: The hottie on the can...

'If it feels like you live in the bathroom with chronic constipation and belly pain... talk to your doctor and say yes to Linzess!

An actors life....  Although many men have caught my eye in TV commercials, never before has it been a hottie sitting on the toilet.  But...this particular hottie looked so adorable sitting so patiently, concentrating and waiting.... and waiting... and waiting...

Many of you, especially those who check out cable news, have most like seen the hottie in question, sitting, then finally getting relief before bouncing off to work to get a double dose of happiness when he finds out his meeting was cancelled.

It can be difficult sometimes to find out the name of actors in television commercials, but this actor made it easy, cutting out my usual research haunts by identifying himself.   After checking out the ad on Youtube, I noticed there was a comment asking the actor's name.  In the replies, actor and model Terry Dormer replied with a simple 'me'.

Finding out a little more about Terry was as enjoyable as seeing him concentrating so hard in the commercial.  The actor, director and model hails from London and as you can see from the highlights below, has been many in commercials which didn't require him to sit on the toilet.

Although some may think they wouldn't pretend to have constipation for a television commercial, an actors life requires stretching all of your creative muscles.... Commercials also bring on decent green, something most actors have to consider given you never know how long you may have to go between paying gigs. 

One of the most interesting things about Terry was learning he used to be a wrestler going under the name of Terry Frazier.  Terry began wresting in 1999 and is best known for his time with Revolution Pro Wresting.  Just like his modeling and acting, Terry's great looks were put front and center in his tight white wrestling shorts.

Erotic Elongation: Zackary by Cooks Photography

'Stretched & Unstressed' 

In the case of the incredibly sexy and flexible Zackary, you can also thankfully add 'stretched and undressed.'  FH might remember my September' story featuring photographer Hal Cook's imagery of the equally sexy, and equally bendy Alec. (Window of Time) Some of you may recall I mentioned that Hal had sent on shoots from several different models and Zackary, well at least Zackary's photo was mentioned in Alex's piece.

'During the shoot, Alec not only shared his graceful flexibility, but also showed Hal a few images of his boyfriend Zackary. Hal later shot Zackary , and you can look for those images coming up soon!'

Ok, I admit, two months may not necessarily be considered soon, but I'm sure you'll agree that Hal's shots of Zackary were more than worth the wait.  I'd be curious to see what pictures Alec had on his phone to show Hal.  Back in the day, one pulled a photo of their boyfriend from their wallets to show others, but with everyone always having their  phones on them, and Zackary being Alec's boyfriend,  I'm doubting that Hal was shown just a smiling head shot...

I can see instantly why Hal wanted to connect and shoot with Zackary, his body is incredibly beautiful and I love the visual beauty and sensual intensity Zackary creates with the long lines and exquisite poses and positions with his elegant elongation.

Hal shares that he and  Zackary I hit it off immediately.  Zackary's now posed for Hal three times, including once with another male model. Hal describes both Zackary and Alec as amazing models, and I agree.  I also couldn't help but wonder (well ok.. fantasize) how they best take advantage of their mutual flexibility when alone together...

Not all photographers utilize the architectural beauty the lines and curves the male form are capable of creating, but  it's something I have been especially loving in so much of Hal's work.  Many focus on specific body parts, ignoring the dynamic visuals possible when focused on the overall systemic beauty of the human body.

It would have been a crime to shoot Zackary and not creatively utilize his long lean form and his incredibly beautiful long legs.  Zackary skillfully uses both pose, in addition to his neck, head and eye and facial expressions to created some dramatically beautiful looks that Hal so magnificently captured.