Thursday, August 11, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 12th

Beautiful shot of Brandon Jones by Chris Teel

Happy Birthday today August 12th to:

Truly incredible shot of birthday boy Andrei Andrei by Vagelis Kyris

Check out more of Andrei, who turns 28 HERE: & more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Is it A Bird, Is it A Plane....

Most Superheroes are sexualized to a degree, tight spandex wardrobe, bulging muscles and super powers we all have imagined being used sexually at some point (it's a wonder Lois Lane can walk). But super women, especially Wonder Woman, have certainly get the short end of the stick when it comes to trying to fulfill the fantasy's of the comic book crowd. Over at Bleeding Cool they ask the question; What if Superheroes posed like Wonder Woman on the David Finnch Justice League Cover. As you can see the results...are mixed.

Thanks to Claudia for the link!

Constant Craving

What's cooking?

You all know that feeling, a craving, maybe for something that you previously didn't even think you liked. Some days you crave salty, some days sugar. Some days you know if you don't have a piece of meat you'll go crazy.

The same thing often happens with sexual cravings. You think you know what type of guy you like, then you see someone, totally opposite of the image in your head, walking down the street and you nearly rear end into the car in front of you staring at his ass.

Some weeks skinny guys are all you think of, other days you want a really big guy. Some days weeks all you can think of is football players, the next it could easily be a geeky nerd wearing glasses and a tight checkered shirt.

Photo Above by Mr.H

The wonderful thing about these cravings is that you can't really plan for them, even when you try. I mean, sure you can try to think of a certain 'type' to turn yourself on, but that doesn't mean your mind is going to allow it. Sometimes you try to focus on the Asian cutie who you love to watch stocking shelves at the grocery store but your brain says 'sorry man, but tonight it's gonna be the car mechanic in the blue overalls who you took care of you while got your safety inspection done.

Christian Collins:

Lately, men in the kitchen are almost impossible to get out of my brain. The kitchen really is such a place of such creation. I am not really a fan of Gordon Ramsay and have never really seen any of his shows, yet the past four weeks I have been glued to the screen. Final four Masterchef contestant Christian Collins is not someone I even think I like, arrogant, over confident, immensely talented and...wildly hot.

Watching him skillfully whip his tools around, knifes in particular, is almost rhythmic, like a dance. A pinch of this spice, a pinch of that one, stirring, heat abd steam coming from each pot. With creativity and technique, he beautifully turns ingredients cold, raw and lifeless just, lying on a slab, into something beautifully presented, spicy, hot, mouthwatering and fulfilling. Excuse me while I take a sip of water.

Outside: Brandon Jones by Chris Teel

It has been far too long since Chris Teel and his work have been featured on FH. It was last April that we presented the winner of our 2011 model search winner with Chris' incredible shots of winner Matt Eldracher (Culmination & Encore)Matt was fairly new to modeling and Chris did an amazing job showcasing him with a variety of shots and looks.

Variety is also key in Chris' recent work with 26 year old Brandon Jones. The two shot a few weeks ago in Montreal and the shots presented today are the first of two parts, the second coming tomorrow. In this first shoot, Chris's signature urban style highlight Brandon's incredible body, chest and muscle definition in a series of dramatic poses. Brandon's strong expressive face and posing skill are eaten up by Chris's lens.

Brandon saw Chris' work on facebook and before too long the two had a shoot planned. Originally the exterior shots began outside of Chris' hotel. The pair had to adjust their plans on the fly when a local business owner got upset that they were shooting nudes a little too close to his property. The local business order had little control over the shots coming tomorrow, which were shot inside of the hotel.

Check back tomorrow when Chris Teel and Brandon to move inside the hotel!

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