Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brandon Ruckdashel Exposed!

Being an actor, especially a good actor, means exposing parts of yourself to others. One of my favorite actors, Brandon Ruckdashel has been exposing parts of himself throughout his career. To expose yourself, your body, your emotions, your vulnerabilities is not an easy thing. It requires strength and risk taking. Brandon has taken those risks over and over again. On stage, on screen and through his music Brandon has consistently shown audiences different parts of himself.

'There's always something nice about writing a comedy and people laugh.'
Brandon Ruckdashel

Brandon's latest project is without a doubt his biggest risk and his biggest exposure. The actor, singer and photographer has added writer to his resume with his first full play Exposure. The first official reading of took place two weeks ago in New York. By all accounts the reading was a tremendous success. Brandon say that his current plan is to do another reading in NY probably in September with some script revisions and a director attached. Brandon also hopes to do a reading in LA in the meantime.

Exposure: The Play by Brandon Ruckdashel
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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 3rd

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Happy Birthday today March 3rd:

Happy Birthday today March 3rd

Ronan Keating turns 34 today.

David Faustino turns 37 today.

Actor Christian Oliver turns 39 today.

Just Because: Gays Against Gaga

'Sometimes it is difficult to find words to make a critique when we find ourselves attracted by some aspect of a performer’s act and disturbed by others, or when a performer shows more interest in promoting progressive social causes than is customary. We may see that performer as above critique. Or we may feel our critique will in no way intervene on the worship of them as a cultural icon. To say nothing, however, is to be complicit…'
Gays against Gaga

Not sure how I feel about this site GAG, but when someone posted the link on Facebook yesterday I was intrigued. I enjoy Gaga (don't LOVE her, do enjoy her and see her talent) but... there have been times the confusion in her message has bugged the shit out me (that meat dress and gay marriage link is still suspect...).

I felt the same way about Madonna, both she and Gaga are seen by many as CHAMPIONS of gay causes but don't you, just every once in awhile, question whether they and their marketing machine, saw us the best way to make tons of money (we due spend a lot and are very loyal!).

Don't throw rotten tomato's, I am still on the fence but, just is interesting.

Thumbs Down: Bridget Screws Birney

First off let me say I LOVED Family Ties (Yo Mallory!!!) and Meredith Baxter was wonderful as Elyse Keaton. (Although didn't you always think those rumors of her being jealous of Fox had some validity...).

Baxter is a good actress and a beautiful woman but something about her current talk show spree (almost as extensive as Charlie's) bothers me. It is not that I don't believe her, I do believe her story to an extent but...

She's a lesbian, cool, I was as happy as the next guy when she came out last year on The Today Show. Now however she has a book to promote, a book to sell, money to make. So... the lead in most of her interviews is the abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of her husband from 1974 through 1989, actor David Birney. Again it is not that I am doubting it...completely, but the story literally REEKS of pushing something sensational simply to sell a book.

Baxter admits her lack of self esteem played into the relationship and the abuse described though not acceptable is also not extreme. Now don't hate me, I loath abuse of any kind, but given the marriage ended over 20 years ago, given they have three children together I find it sort of... well 'skeezy' (it's a word), Baxter is using it now to profit off of. David Birney has denied the claim and given we have only heard her side I question how the impact on her three children compares to the current attention it is getting her.

I suppose it could be argued it helps explain how she became the woman she is and like all celebrities, she can 'claim' it is there to help others in the same situation. Really though, if Baxter were not pushing the sales of her current book the story really helps no one. Through Baxter's eyes, Birney comes off like an complete ass. Maybe he is.

Abuse is never OK, but neither are stories, real or not, used by celebrities for profit or for public sympathy. I am sure another former sit com star, and her family might agree, right Roseanne?