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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 28th

Above: Jeremy Boateng
Another incredible shot from Kraizie Kat.
Kraizie Kat on FH:

Favorite Birthday Boys for today February 28th

Favorite Birthdays for today February 28th

One of my favorite French actors, actor Edouard Collin turns 24 today.

Actor Rafael Amaya turns 34 today.

Rafael in 'Desnudos'.

Also Celebrating today February 28th

Also Celebrating this last day of February 2009 are:

Rugby's Bastien Siepielski turns 31 today.

Eric Lindros hits 38 today.

Actor Robert Sean Leonard turns 42 today.

A favorite singer and actor of mine Brent Barrett celebrates a birthday today. Loved Brent in so many productions, my favorite being 'Grand Hotel'. Happy Birthday Brent!

Who Would Have Thought... That 70's Show

For some reason the cast of That 70's Show were unintentionally themed throughout my posts for today. First off is my annual Oscar wrap up. I could just write it was pretty horrid but I will add a bit more below. (not a lot more, it really does not deserve much...)

When watching the Oscars I was struck by the beautiful and talented Mila Kunis. I am not sure anyone could have predicted when That 70's Show premiered in 1998 that it would be Kunis would end up getting some of the best roles after the show ended. Laura Prepon was so much more seasoned and strong in the shows first few seasons. You could literally see 'Jackie' run by poor 'Donna' as the show went on. As Prepon continues on television with guest starring roles and pilots that don't make it, Kunis has moved on to roles on the big screen.

If I were to give one Oscar to a cast member of The Black Swan, it would have been Mila Kunis. Natalie Portman obviously put her heart and soul into the role and acted her ass off but for some reason I have yet to see a Portman performance that does not fall flat at some point for me. If she were acting in silent films I would have given her the award, the anguish, confusion and pain expressed through her face and movements were incredible. Yet...when Portman speaks, her voice somehow cannot seem to act as well as her body. Her line delivery puts a very tiny crack in each performance I have seen her give. Kunis on the other hand was flawless in Swan and every moment, no matter how small was delivered to perfection.

During the run of the show I had crushes on both Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher. Both great looking guys who delivered solid performances week after week. Not sure then why it is then that when I see them credited in any film I usually avoid it. I have not seen either in anything I have actually enjoyed (admittedly most of their films I have skipped). Maybe it is that both left the sit com for movie roles and both, Grace in particular seem to have an overly inflated sense of their position in the business.

It was for this reason I had avoided watching Valentines Day. I loved Love Actually and many of Robert Altman's movies where huge casts and multiple stories are weaved together. I was worried Valentine's Day would not be more than a average episode of The Love Boat and I was not far off. Besides the cast (who included many other actors who annoy me like Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Jamie Foxx) the stories were just not that engrossing.

I was surprised by the Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper reveals near the end and did enjoy being introduced to the adorable Carter Jenkins (see more below). Many must have loved the film as Garry Marshall is assembling much of the cast and many others for a what appears to be the exact same film only this time New Years Eve replaces Valentines as the theme.

Have to mention that although Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama have not been in as many high profile pictures, both have been in some interesting projects. Now...if only Debra Jo Rupp could land a sit com worthy of her talent!

Thumbs Down: The Oscars

It is said every year, hell maybe by me but this years Academy Awards was the worst in my 20 or so years of watching. There were so many reasons and not one in particular that made the show so horrid. The hosts cannot be blamed fully. Although Franco looked high and uncomfortable with Hathaway, both did their best with the material supplied. The writing was ok, not great, not bad. The winners predictable and no real moments of emotion. The highlight for me was seeing Eli Wallach whom I cannot help but adore.

Yes, every blog is showcasing James Franco's lovely tutu clad derrière today (thanks Superherfan!) but it is a shame that the opening skit was the high point of the 3 hours. I think in a year with new hosts and very few surprises with the winners it was important to be especially creative with the actual show. The producers and writers were most certainly were not. The show needed to pull out the talent, not the beauty in it's presenters. Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor and beautiful to look at but a snooze as a presenter. Where were Will Ferral, Jack Black, Chris Rock? In years past, a talented comedian presenting often provided much needed laughs. You just know if Ricky Gervais was there he would not have let Halle Berry's current custody battle go unmentioned.

Of course, like the rest of the world Melissa Leo bugged the shit out of me. She may have deserved the award but she has annoyed one and all each time she has stepped up to the mike this award season. She has the award, but we shall see if it leads to future work.

Oscar producers, no matter how much it costs, please pay whatever it takes to drag Billy Crystal back next year! No matter how lame the awards may be, his openings always deliver!

Just Because: Carter Jenkins

19 year old Carter Jenkins has been working in television and movies since 2003. Although I remember him briefly for his role in Surface, it was not until watching Valentines Day that I took notice. Although Valentines Day boasted a huge cast, he was a stand out in just a few scenes.

Above: Carter by Tyler Shields.

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Happy Birthday Today February 27th to:

Happy 31st today February 27tht to one of the hottest guys on the tube Brandon Beemer. Check out more of Brandon and fellow birthday boy Josh Groban HERE: Also check out my birthday post on Brett Stewart and Grant Show HERE:

And The Oscar Goes to....

Best actor nominee's Javier Bardem, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges.

It has become tradition of FH that on Academy Award day we look at the nominee's in the best actor and best supporting actor category. Now, given this is FH we not only honor their nominated role but some of their best scenes from the past...

Best Actor: