Friday, January 1, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st

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Another Member to The First Wives Club

Kiersten Warren joined the first wives club by posting this shirtless shot of husband Kirk Acevedo this past Boxing Day.  Warren joins the long list of wives posting hot shirtless, and sometimes pantless, shots of their celebrity husbands.  Now if you watched Kirk on OZ, (HERE:) you saw him in far less, but he looks especially fetching in just his pajama bottoms.  So fetching in fact, Kiersten kept giving him little tasks to around the house so she could continue to enjoy the view. 

The Naked Shepherd

'The closer we are to the Shepherd, The safer we are from the wolves.'

I've written before about my love of calendars, especially when I was growing up.  Before the Internet and digital took off, paper calendars were mandatory Christmas gifts, both to give and to get. I used to love going to the mall when the book stores and calendar kiosks were full with the new stock of plastic covered new calendars. 

Although I loved sneaking a peak at the calendars focused on the male form, I was too scared to actually buy any back then.  I usually stuck to film and TV show calendars, and calendars with killer whales and dolphins.  Although calendars aren't nearly as popular as they once were, I still buy a couple every year.  My tastes have matured slightly, with one being a calendar focused on the four seasons.  The second was a calendar featuring the animals from the Crouton Crew that I enjoy watching getting their nightly checks on Twitter. 

Regular FH readers know that most of my recent calendar related posts are thanks to DC poster MichaelAndrews73a and his incredible collection of Naked Calendar Men on Reddit. (HERE:) Since January 1st is the day many of us put up our calendars, I thought I'd share a recent favorite.  Although there's not really a lot of naked in the The Naked Shepherd calendar, I still love the images and the natural sexiness of the shepherds posing.  There is a wee bit more naked int he video. (also thanks to Michael) The clip below is from Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club who profiled the calendar back in 2018.

Favorites: Cheyenne Parker

Image by CaseyK

Many of you were introduced to the delectable Cheyenne Parker through his appearances on television in Shah's of Sunset, Fire Island and Ex On The Beach. If you didn't notice him on the boob tube, you may have seen him gracing the covers and pages of magazines including DNA, GMARA and his most recent spread in Gay Puerto Vallarta. (HERE:)

Cheyenne by Zimmerman

If these images weren't proof enough, Parker more than lives up to his reputation for having the perfect posterior.  More than just his remarkable rear however, Parker has the whole package, and skillfully knows how to utilize his many talents and assets in front of the camera.  It doesn't hurt that he's worked with some of the industries best photographers of the male form.

Cheyenne by Kozz Photo

Image by Vadella Photo

Cheyenne by Tate Photo

Remaining Images from FollowFelip

R.I.P in Review

 Harry Hains

FH readers might be aware that I occasionally do an R.I.P section on the site. Because I want the site to be a positive stop in people's day, I didn't mark the death of every celebrity, even if the celebrity was a huge star and well know.  I tried to limit my R.I.P's to celebrities I had some connection with, many of which appeared on the site.  I paused doing R.I.P posts this past August after noting the death of actor Chadwick Boseman.

2020 was such a shit year, and the deaths, well beyond celebrities, were growing to a point I felt overwhelming.  As Autumn came and went, I also experienced death in my own family, and wanted FH to remain the creative escape I need it to be.  Although I may return to doing some R.I.P pieces in the future, for now, I keep then on pause.  I did however, want to make note of a few celebrities who passed that I didn't take note of last year. 

Actor and model Harry Hains actually died last January, but it wasn't until into the fall that I realized it.  I first saw Harry on an episode of American Horror Story, and featured him on the site a couple of times. (HERE:)  In addition to acting, he had a haunting beautiful image portfolio that I really loved. I followed Harry on Instagram, and we'd had a few messages back and forth about a possible interview for the site.  He didn't reply ot my last message, which wasn't so odd, but I noticed a few months ago that he hadn't posted since early in year.  A quick search had me learning he sadly died at just 27 shortly after his last Instagram post. 

Alex Trebek

I wasn't a huge Jeopardy watcher except when I was sick or feeling down or depressed.  Then, Jeopardy was like chicken soup.  Alex  Trebek and the show's format was always so familiar and comforting.  It was visiting an old friend when you needed to reconnect.  

Eddie Van Halen

So, I only really know a few Van Halen songs, but I was introduced to Eddie Van Halen when I was just a kid by my older brother.  Now, my older brother didn't know he provided the introduction, as if he knew, he most likely would have punched me.  I wasn't allowed (according to him) to go in my brothers room, but that didn't stop me when he wasn't home.  My brother was a huge music fan and used to collect music magazines like CIRCUS.   I used to enjoy checking out the shirtless rock stars and Eddie had one of the most impressive bulges in the business.  

Diana Rigg

My introduction to actress Diana Rigg came from photographer Robert J. Guttke.  Robert was a huge fan and talked frequently about his love for her work, especially in The Avengers.  I later came to love Diana on Game of Thrones, and her wit and brilliance had me downloading the entire series of The Avengers.  I have yet to finish it all, but like on GOT, she lights up every scene she's in. 

Mac Davis

FH also introduced me to singer Mac Davis.  While doing an Actors & Skin piece on Nick Nolte, I ended up watching 1979's North Dallas Forty. I watched mostly to cap the locker room nude scene, but ended up finding something incredibly hot about Davis.  I ended up on Youtube getting hooked listening to some of his old country hits.

Christophe Dominici

It's always shocking when someone apparently healthy dies so young. That was the case of French Rugby player, and Stade model Christophe Dominici.  Christophe died after falling to his death from a roof this past November. 

David Prowse 

When I was kid watching and re-watching my VHS collection of Star Wars, my favorite characters were Chewbacca and Darth Vader.  It always amazed me how how these two actors created such vivid and full characters, all, while behind costumes and masks.  Part of it of course was the writing, but a big part was the actors inside those masks.  Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca, got a bit of credit for his role, but most of the credit for Darth Vader, went to James Earl Jones who supplied his voice.  That booming voice was spectacular, but only worked due to the equally strong physical performance from actor David Prowse

Sean Connery

They say we all only have one Bond, the one we first see in the Theatres.  For me, that's not exactly true.  The first Bond movie I saw in the theatres was Roger Moore in 1985's A View To A Kill.  I went went with my dad, who was a big Bond fan.  Now A View To A Kill wasn't one of the franchises best, and my father wasn't a fan.  He preferred Sean Connery, his Bond.  After seeing Moore's Bond, I had the chance to watch some of Connery on television and video with my Father.  

Now I wasn't then, nor am I now, really a Bond fan, regardless of who's wearing the tux, but I have found memories of watching Connery with my dad. I mostly watched him watching the movie.  My dad didn't watch much TV, mostly westerns and war movies.  It was rare to find something we both sit down and enjoy.

The Man That Would Be King (1975)