Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day

Lyle by Marlen Boro
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A Winter's Escape

Once or twice a year the time becomes right to take a little bit of a blog break. The next couple of weeks are looking fairly busy for me with a couple of events (one I am still thinking of ditching....) a few day trips and one weekend away. Feels like a pretty good time to take my leave for a short while.

Field of Dreams by Manuscript Photography

Thanks to all of you who made FH a regular stop on your daily on-line travels. The blog again grew quite dramatically in viewership since the summer so if you're new, please take the time to check out the artists (list below) who have taken the time to share with myself and readers of the site. I know it is more than a bit pretentious, but with the so many wonderful artists, stories and images showcased on FH over the last 12 months I have done a bit of a sum up. The best part of doing FH is sharing the work, the worst...seeing the incredible images and all the hard work go onto the second page each time I update.

See you all soon!

Snowmen by Richard Rothstein

A Bit of Blue

Sunday, January 29, 2012

FH: 2011 In Review:

At The Barre by Michael Puff

I know that January's end is a bit late for a Year In Review, but as I head out on my blog break I wanted to look back on some of highlights of 2011 on FH. Although many were pic of the days and birthdays, 2011 brought a total of 1165 individual posts. It would be impossible to list all of my favorites so this look back will focus, not so much on individual features, but a general overview of some of the themes and highlights.

Sedani By Ev Dylan

Just like when people say; 'It was a thrill just to be nominated', I am sure some will groan when I say, all my subjects are truly favorites. It is however, annoyingly true. Although I frequently wish I had not put the word Hunks in the title of this blog, I have never regretted using the word Favorite. I have a fairly demanding and highly stressful job, own my own home and have a fairly busy (though annoyingly inconsistent) social life. I don't have the time or the energy to invest in putting together a story or feature on anything I don't really love. I don't get paid a cent for FH, so I have to be passionate about what I choose to post about. Sometimes, depending on the amount of a research and writing involved, posts can take hours and even days to bring together. The hope is if I love it, some who stop by will love it as well.

Bank Job by Robert Colgan

When I first began FH I knew I wanted it to be patterned after a magazine. A great cover (pic of the day), familiar beginning (birthdays) and structured regular features (Blast From the Past, Import of the Day, favorite Links). Although all of these features remain, the main focus has become first and foremost a photographer's showcase. I cannot thank enough each and every photographer who has contributed to the site. It continues to remain exciting to discover new work that not only inspires but moves me in some way. Equally as exciting to me is to read and share the stories the artists send along with their shots.

Culmination by Chris Teel

It is fairly common for photographers to tell me about bad experiences they have had with blogs and sites in the past. There is not an artist out there that has not had their work slapped across some one's site with no credit and no respect for the work, passion, money and detail that went into the image. It is my goal to ensure these are all taken into account with each image that I upload onto FH.

If anyone was to ask me to show them the best of FH I would tell them to simply click on the Photographers tab to see what the blog is all about.

Man Of The Moment: Seth Kuhlmann

Whenever I profile a photographer it is always a joy to have the model involved in the creative process of putting together the story. In some cases I use a selection of work from different artists to profile a specific model. Models, especially male models don't always get a lot of respect, even from within the industry. They struggle for work, often under paid when they find it, and are looked at by both many in the industry and many who view their work as just a body to be enjoyed. No matter how great they look, no matter how hard they work on their body and appearance, when they have their images posted on sites or blogs there is usually some a-hole making negative comments about their face, hair or body or penis size. It takes courage to expose, even just your face, let alone your body for public scrutinization.

Against The Odds: Phillip Smith

Over the past 12 months there are hundreds of models who have given their support to me to share their images and their stories. Well known models such as Seth Kuhlmann, Max Emerson, Benjamin Godfre as well as models just beginning to make it in the business such as Quinn Danger.

Felix by Doug Vetter

I know that models starting out are given conflicting advice with regards to appearing on certain sites and blogs. Although I try to make FH as family friendly (given the theme) as I can, I really thank the models who have put their trust in FH for their first taste of blog exposure. I love when I am contacted to preview a new model due to the respectful way I present my subjects and I work hard to maintain that trust.

Boys At The Lumina by Angus Malcolm

Although images are the core of FH, the surrounding words are what I hope sets the blog apart. Although I know sometimes less is more it is important to me to convey exactly why I chose to feature an artist and their work. It was story that led me to becoming Features Editor for Dylan Rosser's tMf this past year. We are currently putting together issue #4 for a March release!

Andrew by Mark Grantham

There are so many photographers, models, writers and actors who have contributed to FH to fill the pages with the most incredible and talented men. While the list at the bottom of today's postings covers the photographers I want to give a special thank to those who share on a regular basis. Some days when I am lacking inspiration or stumped for a subject matter it is always a welcomed pleasure to open up my e-mail to see the names of those who so generously share on a regular basis.

Tim By Mike Tossy

Visual Stimulation by Carl Proctor

When I was a kid, Playgirl Magazine played a large role in my sexual awakening. From the early stages of the blog I have incorporated classic Playgirl pictorials. Last year, former Playgirl model Gene Carter shot me a quick e-mail thanking me for featuring his shots. This began one of my favorite features, talking in depth looks at some former Playgirl models. Thus far I have only done a couple, Dirk Shafer followed Gene along with an interview with Playgirl's most famous photographer Greg Weiner. Given the level of research they require they take a bit of time to pull together, but several more are in the works for 2012.

Dirk Shafer

Theme Days:
Hawaii Adjacent by Ron Reyes

Marlen Boro
It was one year ago when I first profiled the work of Marlen Boro with his shots of Dominic (below). Marlen's images quickly became the focal point of a regular weekly feature, Thursday's Gentlemen Of Marlen Boro. Throughout 2011 Marlen introduced us all to Quinn & Joey & Darius & Tyrel & Ocho & Tek & Moretti & Sean & Jesse and dozens of other incredible men who have stepped before in front of his incredible lens and magical window.

Dominic By Marlen Boro

Marlen's images are always a hit and many of his features (including Sean below) have created tidal waves of furious right click and saving, bursting across other blogs and sites net. It is impossible to pick a favorite feature of Marlen's to highlight but one model who made an impact on me was Lyle who I featured last February. Marlen will tell you I was a bit of nag about getting more shots of Lyle back on the blog. There was something about Marlen's work with Lyle I just loved. Might have been the tease factor (which drives me crazy), or the red lace undies Lyle sported in some of the shots, but Lyle certainly made an impact. I cannot thank Marlen enough for, in the middle of his crazy weekend, editing 35 (who can narrow?) of my favorite Lyle shots to go with today's Year in Review!

Trial By Fire & The Window by Marlen Boro

Below, without my usual ramblings, is post 50 featuring the Gentlemen of Marlen Boro in 2012. 15 of my favorite shots of Lyle. (more to come later).

Here's to in 2012!


Artists Who Inspire:

I leave you with an updated list of the artists who have contributed and inspired me over the past year or two. Sometimes the inspiration comes from an image, sometimes a story and frequently a concept. The shots included with the post are from one of those concepts, An Afternoon At the Hotel Chelsea by MStyles.

Andrea Romano***AJL Photo***Alan Armijo***Allan Spiers***Alex Photopaint***Andrea Romano***Angus Malcolm***Arrow Studio***Arteo Photo Kevin Moore***Ashland Thomas***Bacchus Stuart Photo***Bill Donlon***Bill McClaren***Bogdan Stanga***Boxer Imaging***Brenton Parry***Bruce Denny***Byron Motley

'It's easy to romanticize a city like New York. It's old, it's huge, it's crowded, and it's packed with places that seem as though their only reason for existence is to be dreamed of, revered and romanticized. One such place is the Hotel Chelsea, that den of art, drugs, sex and rock and roll. It's where Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix slept. It's where Sid and Nancy sealed the deal on their infamy. It's where Arthur Miller, Allen Ginsberg, and Eugene O’Neil wrote. And so it seemed like a logical place to go for inspiration.'

Carl Proctor***Carolina Freelance***Chris Teel***Christopher Singleton***Dan Skinner***Daniel Marcus***Dave Koster***Dave Ouano***David Arnot***David Vance***David Wagner***Digital Pixel Studios***Devin Baker & Art Adams***DLJ Photography***Doug Vetter***Dylan Rosser***Eddie Christie***Emerging Talent Images***Erick Herfs***Ev Dylan***Fabien Lemaire***flondo***FlyFoto***Frank Bell***GLiMPSe visual***Gordon Nebeker***Hans Fahrmeyer*** haringmanPLUS***Ian Burgess***Ian Robert Knight***James R Cunningham***James Spada***Jay Rickard***Jim Wilkinson***Joem C. Bayawa***John Fallon***John M Clum***Jon Eland***Jon Seneca***Josh Camero***JR Williams***jtoPHOTO***Julian Vankim***Karl Smet***Kevin McDermott***Kraizie Kat***Krunnch Photo***Leigh Carter***Lewis and Marshall***Lucas Ferrier

'I like shooting in spaces as they are. No lights. No props. No set dressing. I like to let the space speak for itself. And that's what the space does in these photos shot with an up and coming dancer last fall. He’s not a model, but the poses were his own. He moved naturally through the space, finding himself in it, and positioning himself with grace within its walls. I love the quiet and subdued nature of these shots, and how the room becomes just as much of a character in the small stories they tell.'

macpics***Mack Sturgis***Manuscript Photography***Mark Bower***Mark Grantham***Marlen Boro***Michael A. Downs***Michael Angelo***Michael Puff***Michael Stokes***Mikel Marton***Mike Ross***MikeTossy***Millar Photographics ***msbimages***MStyles***Musclehead Graphics***MvR Photo***N D L Photography***Nicolas Smith***Nicky Reyes***Night Kast Images***Norcal Bodz***Pascal d'Ameyal***Patrick Keuanu***Patrick Mulcahy***Patrick R***Paul Reitz***Peachtree Muscle***Peek Physique***Photos By Biron***Pierre-Yves Monnerville***Preferred Studio***p w gomez***Raymond Meza***Rex King***Richard Rothstein***rickspix***Robert Colgan***Ron Reyes***rSEANd Photography***Russ Osterweil***Scott Barnes***Scott Marrs***Shannon Boh***Shaun Simpson***Shawa Pablo-chester***Shayne Fergusson***Steve Mack***Studio James***Studio R9 Tampa***Studio Troll i Ord***T-W-D photos***Thomas Bourry***Tom66***TR Pics***Walter Tabayoyong***Wananga***Von Melzer***Walter Kurtz***Wander Aguiar***WM Images ***Xavier_Paris***YogaBear Studio***Zedneram Imagery

An Assumed Alias by MStyles