Saturday, March 28, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 28th

Amazing shot of Francois Sagat from Zero Magazine.

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 28th Matthias Koeberlin

Talented German actor Matthias Koeberlin turns 35 today.

Also Celebrating today March 28th

Happy Birthday today, March 28th also to:

Actor Ben Richards turns 37 today.

Not sure which butt is Ben's, but check out the scene from 'Footballers Wives'.

Vince Vaughn turns 39 today.

Favorite Photographer of the Day: Mike Tossy

San Francisco based photographer Mike Tossy started as a model, but switched to photography. Mike's work stands out to me for his use of splashes of color, and themes of circles. Being a model at one time also has Mike doing what he can to make the models he works with look the best they can. Hard to believe with these exceptional shots that photography is a hobby for Mike and not a full time job! Check out Mike's official site HERE:

Two pics above: Model Andrew Kutches

Above: Model CaSon MacBride.

Favorite Import of the Day: William Levy Gutierrez

One of the hottest men on the planets, William Levy Gutierrez is Cuban actor and former model. William grew up in Cuba but moved to Miami when he was 15. Although William always wanted to be an actor, he began as a model. After participating in a few reality shows, William began to pursue acting full time studying in Miami and LA. After some stage work, William worked mostly in Mexican television. Last year William completed his first movie ' Retazos de Vida'. Certainly one of the hottest man I have seen with those 'come hither' eyes, that great face and amazing body. Check out William's official site HERE:

William for N2N.

The pic above is one of my favorites. That smile kills me!