Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 30th

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Seasonal Sightings

A Trick and a Treat...

Man Candy: Mattidude by PhotoRSH

It was an abundance of Halloween riches to discover PHOTORSH's recent Halloween themed shoots. Not only did I feature our newest Coven member earlier in the week, I also get to share shots of Kyle and Mattidude with a firm grip on their plastic pumpkins.  Although I only trick or treated with a pumpkin for a year or two before switching to a pillow case, I still have my orange plastic pumpkin which I pull out each October.  If I close my eyes and take a whiff, I still swear I can smell candy kisses and chocolate. 

FH Costume Parade:

As is tradition here at FH, this past Saturday, we had our annual Halloween gala and costume contest.  Covid made this year's costume party a challenge, with rapid testing at the door, but social distancing was almost impossible to inforce.  Masks were mandatory, except for when official portraits were taken for the contest. We did reduce the numbers, and sadly, spectators were not allowed at this years bash, but thanks to FH, some of the best and most creative non-costumes are featured here.   

Now.. no matter how many times we say coming as Adam, (minus the fig leaf) doesn't qualify as a costume, there were still plenty of Adams (and a couple of Eve's) in the crowd. In addition to more than a few Tiger Kings there were the usual large group of spandex wearing super hero's.  There was also that familiar smell of newly purchased leather wafting thick in the air. Here are some of this year's highlights which the judges narrowed down to a barely costumed top ten.

Tool Man

If you missed on our previous costume Parades check them out here:


Although our Ghoul wore more clothing than almost any other contestant, his glorious ghouly glutes could not be ignored!




Our gladiator was fierce, but lost points for not fully protecting his most precious assets from attack,

Officer Krupke

Our Officer Krupke was hot, but policemen, as hot as they may be, law enforcement costumes were not that popular this year....

A Lovely Leia

Star Wars costumes tent to go in waves.  Some years, they're very popular, other years, there are none to be seen.  This year, the craze was back in full with many Prince and Princess Lay-hims, Obi wan canblowmes, Hung Solos and SeeMeePepeO's.  These three costumes rose to the top.

Darth Pants-Invader 

Luke's in trouble...

Below: Our winner, Jon Snow!  Although he was a bit more fit than his television counter part, this Game of Thrones hottie's fur won won over our panel of judges.

A few snaps from the party:

Party Games:

Everyone left with a gift bag, which include a kit to have party goers thinking about what not to wear next year!


He'll suck you dry...

Earlier this month, I posted a series featuring artwork from Horror movie porn parody's. (HERE:)  While on the hunt for films to use, several Dracula related movies all rose from their graves.  I previously featured one, 1983's Gayracula a couple of years ago, (HERE:) but here are a few more of my favorites. 

Gayracula (1983)

Count Drac is back - and this time he's necking more than just Stella. Count Gaylord stalks the pubs within L.A. for the hunkiest victims to ever succumb to lust, as well as his enemy, the Marquis de Pint.

Thirst (2005)

Love Bites (1992)

Meet Jake Hunter. He's young, he's cute and he fancies himself as the very model of a modern-day fearless vampire killer. Together with Lesley, his reluctant sidekick, Jake sets out to tackle his greatest challenge ever - the West Hollywood Count. But when the ghoul of his nightmares turns out to be the dashing hunk of his dreams, Jake discovers that there's more to this case than he counted on. Putting a novel, sexy twist on the Transsylvanian myth, Love Bites combines comedy and eroticism in a fabulous gothic gay romance.

Barebackula (2016)

'In the land of Truvadia lives the Count of Castle Bare. His insatiable hunger drives him to feed and to fuck. As he grows stronger, so does his desire for the seed of his lovers. Countless men have been lured to him by his moans of carnal lust. And when they’re ensnared one lesson is learned: cum is life.'

His Dracula (2012)

'An amazing 3D adventure. The story of the greatest lover who ever lived, died, and lived again.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 29th

Holden by Studio1x

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Seasonal Sightings

Heads or Tails by GetfitbyNoel


Some Overly Friendly Ghosts....

Image from Frisky Frolic

So if you were to come back as a ghost, would you haunt,  or would you taunt?  I can imagine many of us would have a little fun with some of the hot mortal we left behind.  Being invisible, there are so many places to float to and many men to torment into eternity.  

Artwork by Byron Power

If you love Halloween, and you love artwork with a focus on the male form, you might want to check out Homoween Official on Instagram.  The page sets contests and themes and many of my favorite artists often reply with images to match the theme.  Overfriendly ghosts was one of the themes this month and these are some of my favorite art pieces on the theme.

Last two illustrations by badsign769

Halloween Mystery: Update

Over the years, I have often featured images from this series over Halloween. Every year, I seem to find another image from the set,.  Back in 2017 I finally discovered the source, and this year, I'm including the video...

While searching for images for my 'Vintage Vantage' I came upon an image with credited the shot to Fantasy Factory #1. The film was part of a series of films from Campfire Video featuring vintage clips. Campfire Video was one of the first sites I found focused on the male form in film when I first came on line, but I never made the connection before.

This scene, Trick or Treaters is part of FF#1 which features about a dozen or so different scenarios. In this scene, Sean Damore is exercising alone in his room (in a pouch as one does...) When David Jones comes trick or treating at his door. Damore decides he wants to play a trick which leads Jones to retaliate. The scene ends with Damore giving bad boy Jones a spanking before filling up his treat bag and sending him on his way.

Strangely, although they appear nude ins ome of the promotional pics, in the actual scene, both actors remain in their very skimpy pouches I tried to covert and make a small clip before, but failed.  This year, with a new computer, it worked!  Enjoy, there is something about this series that is a vintage fun and sexy fest of Halloween many decades ago.