Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 30th

Geoff Burns by Tony Duran!

Favorite Birthday Boy for September 30th

Eric Stoltz in my top 3 favorite actors. The list of movies of Eric's I love is a long one. I first took notice of Eric in 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' but truly saw the power in his work in 'Mask'. My favorite Eric movie is 'Some Kind Of Wonderful'. Not because this was his best movie, or work, far from it, but it's message spoke to me. I was 12 or 13 when I saw this flick and being who really are, and not trying to fit in was a message that I really needed. Of course he was incredibly adorable in that flick, that hair and smile just melted me. What I love about Eric is not just that he has not ran from nudity, but that it is also not done to tittillating thing, it is just a part of his work, like an accent or wig one might wear for a role. He uses it for character. Maybe it is his extensive theatre backgroud. Eric is one talented and beautiful man with an impressive body of work behind him. Eric turns 49 today.

Eric at his most beautiful IMO in 'Some Kind of Wonderful' Oh how I loved him and his character in this movie.

Also Celebrating today September 30th

Also celebrating today Septembe 30th

The very talented Kieran Culkin turns 28 today.

Actor Stark Sands turns 32 today.

I thought the Nanny was a very underated comedy. It's star and producer Fran Drescher turns 53 today.

Below with Ryan McPartlin in 'Living With Fran'.

The eldest Brady brother, Greg, Barry Williams turns 56 today.

R.I.P Tony Curtis

R.I.P Tony Curtis
I have not seen much of Tony's work in fact up until awhile ago I mostly knew 'Stony' Curtis from watching old Flintstones reruns. (Happy Anniversary Flintstones BTW). Since then however I have seen some classic Curtis in Some Like It Hot, Spartacus and Operation Petticoat.

Pic Series Of The Day: Derek Allen Watson by Zeke Photographpy

Zeke Photography has photographed some of my favorite men who I have profiled on FH, and now Derek Allen Watson. When I profiled Zeke's work earlier this year I described it this way:

When I was researching more of Zeke's work I could think of no better word to describe it than classy. For some reason I did not like this word and did not feel it did Zeke's work justice. Then, the more I thought about what classy actually means, the adjective began to fit. Classy: Stylish, admirably smart, elegant and superior. These words fit the men and women shot by Zeke. Zeke's use of lighting as well as both simple interior backgrounds and elaborate interior and exterior locations, Zeke's images show great respect for his subjects. Zeke shoots many models for modeling agencies throughout New York he also skillfully uses fashion in his work.

Certainly this applies to Zeke's work with Derek and I love Derek in front of the architecture and brick in New York City.

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I have featured Actor and model Derek Allen Watson many times on FH. Derek is one of those guys who I truly admire and respect. Derek has no pretense which I love. He knows the road to success in the business has ups and downs. Whether it be modeling underwear for the Fearless Project or getting kicked in the balls by Betty White on SNL, Derek is in it for the long haul. One of Derek's latest roles was in 'The In Between' which got a lot of buzz over the summer at festivals and screenings. If you did not check out my more in depth profile of Derek earlier this year, please check it out HERE:

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Derek tells me if he reaches a certain number of twitter followers he just might get naked!

Favorite Click Of The Day: Greg Kelley for Todger

FH Favorite, and one of my favorite models, Greg Kelley is a apart TODGER'S new campaign shot by another FH Favorite Thomas Synnamon. It was clear from seeing early shots of Greg that he was going to have a successful carrer. He not only has an incredible look he pocessess a careing and fearless spirit.

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