Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 24th

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After seeing this series of shots of British based model Chris Jammer, I had to check for more.  These shots are from Joseph Bleu, one of my favorite photographers, whose work I've been featuring since the site's early years.  Check out more of my favorite images of Chris on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Chris Jammer on Instagram

Tayler Kane in Fire

'A new female recruit battles sexism in the male-dominated workplace after joining a group of firies' in Queensland.  Meanwhile the police suspect that a serial arsonist is a member of the squad - as if their lives weren't hot enough already.'

I know I'm not the only who remembers Fire. I have no idea what channel it was on, but I have a distinct memory of stumbling upon the Australian series while flipping through channels late one night. I had never heard of the show before, but was amazed at the incredibly hot cast and the full male nudity.

The show only last two seasons, and I only caught a handful of episodes, but certainly remember this scene featuring model turned actor Tayler Kane as Louis in the show's premiere episode.  Sure the frontal was quick, but it's hard to forget Kane sliding down the fire poll completely naked.

I've been searching for the series on DVD for awhile.  I found a few copies on the E-Bay Australia, but am not really sure that they'll play on my North American DVD player.  Maybe a digital copy will show up soon.  Until then, I recently was excited to find a clip (below) of Tayler on Casperfan, one of my favorite places to check out male nude scenes.

The Enthusiastic Exhibitionist: Sterlingjock by Briancan Photography

'My cock enjoys the attention of the camera.'

Although goal with FH is to celebrate the male form,  I don't often ask models directly about their penis.  I generally like to focus on process, and their experience with the creation of a shot or shoot.  Sometimes however, a penis will simply not be ignored and in the case of Toronto based model Hunter, (Sterlingjock) his penis emerged, demanding a little attention. 

Another reason I don't generally ask about penises, is I like to gage a models comfortability.  I've learned over the years that despite being modeling naked, many are actually reluctant exhibitionists. Some nude models can be quite shy, and not all relish the spotlight and the attention they receive.  When he began modeling, Hunter was actually one of those shy models, who didn't initially see himself as model material.  It was actually through the lens of others that he not only gained confidence, but grew into both an eager and enthusiastic exhibitionist. 

FH viewers were first introduced to Hunter this past New Year's Eve.  (Too Early In The Game)  I'd asked Brian (Briancan Photography) about his work with model Cayden Clay, and when I heard they had a shoot planned, whether they had time to include a New Year's Theme.  Luckily for us,  not only did Brian agree, but also informed me it would be a couple shoot with Cayden and Hunter.  This worked out perfectly as no one should celebrate a midnight all alone.

I loved the shots that Brian sent on and was immediately drawn to Hunter and his look.  Because of the theme, the focus was story drive, not on specific body parts.  I loved what Hunter brought to the shoot, his enthusiasm, and the joy he seemed to be having with the theme.  I also loved his handsome face, his eyes and great smile.  I also love his overall physique and how his long body and legs draped so seductively over the couch in the studio. 

It wasn't until I was adding links to the New Year's piece that I really took notice of well equipped Hunter was and how comfortable he appeared in front of the camera..  I headed to Hunter's Model Mayhem page to add the link, and spent more time than I should have devouring the visuals in his portfolio.  On Instagram, Hunter's credit is hungjock, with the added quote, 'Young, Hung and full of Yum. That had me assuming that Hunter had not only embraced his blessings, but that asking a question or two about them would probably be ok.

It was on Model Mayhem that Brian first noticed Hunter as well. Brian initially approached Hunter about taking part in his bathtub series. (Total Immersion) Brian certainly noticed how hung Hunter was, but was equally taken his handsome face.  During their time together shooting, Brian also noticed that Hunter was a bit of an exhibitionist.  Hunter's comfortability with shooting nude made him a great creative collaborator, and he and Brian have continued to work together often. Brian shares that because of Hunter's comfortability with being naked, he's up for pushing boundaries creatively and willing to try almost any idea he throws at him.

One of the ideas that Brian threw out was a naked shoot in the snow.  Despite the frigid temperature, Hunter jumped at the opportunity.  You can check out images from that shoot, as well as read my full interview with Hunter, featuring his thoughts on modeling, working with Brian, and his attention seeking appendage on the NEXT PAGE HERE: