Friday, April 7, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 8th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Jacked Rabbits:

'Can anybody find me some-bunny to love?'

Over the last year, while putting together featured on Calendar Men, I tucked away some holiday images.  These are some of my favorite Easter themed shots.   I know most people don't still buy wall calendars, but like LP records, I'm hoping for a come back.  I still love buying calendars each year, and love turning over each new month, especially with hot holiday images. 

Ouiser's Lockeroom Adventure

 'A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste'
Ouiser Boudreaux

I was still a kid when saw Steel Magnolias in the theatre.  I believe it's the one and only movie I ever saw with both of my parents.  I'd gone to movies with my siblings and my dad, I'd been to movies with my mom, but never the two of them together.   

When I was young, I used to enjoy watching my parents reaction to movies as much as the movies themselves.  During Steel Magnolias, I watched my parents laugh, I watched my mother cry when one of the main characters died.  The entire theatre was crying, it was always surreal to me when I experienced hundreds of people all crying, or trying not to cry, together in a movie theatre. 

When it came to the locker room scene, I wasn't looking at others, I was too busy trying to ensure my own reactions were not noticed by others.  The scene was surprise, a pleasant one, but a surprise none the less.  I am not actually a huge fan of Shirley MacLaine, but she was brilliant in this film as Ouiser, and great in this scene.  I'd forgotten until re-watching the scene this week, how many beautiful beefy beefy butts paraded by Ouiser in the locker room.  Her mirror certainly came in handy! 

'But I love the top - such a vibrant purple. Bob, would you call this color "grape" or "aubergine'?

'This is football. All the people wanna hear about are touchdowns and injuries. They don't give a damn 'bout that grape shit.'

An Eggcellent Afternoon : Alexis by TR Pics

'It was funny that at one point, I had to spread my legs and pretend that eggs were coming out of my asshole.'

I've never actually been on an official Easter Egg hunt.   Sure, my parents used to hide a few eggs around the living room, but it wasn't really a challenging endeavor.  Usually, they were just hidden behind a lamp or knick-knack.  I loved my parents, but they weren't really into creative holiday happenings. 

I've always wanted to go on an actual hunt, one outside, in a park or a field.  This Easter, thanks to Alexis and Tom from TR Pics, we all get to virtually join in on the eggventure.  I'm not sure everyone carrots as much about holiday images as I do, but when I Tom sent on few teasers from this series, I was eggcited to see more.  I especially loved the shots of Alexis outside and the sense of erotic fun as he scampered throughout the field hiding his egges. 

Alexis makes the perfect Easter bunny.  In addition to being absolutely adorable, Alexis is up to the task. I love the poses he makes as he hides his eggs and the fun he seems to be having is infectious.  I'm sure he and Tom were giggling as they shot, and as hot as Alexis and the images are, I love how full of joy the images are, blending the child like innocence of the holiday with sexy adult visuals. 

The Easter theme was actually Alexis' idea, but it wasn't his first idea for his shoot with Tom.  He was going to originally ask Tom about a St. Patrick's Day shoot for TBRU. (Texas Bear Round Up)  Given they missed the deadline for St. Paddy's Day, Alexis thought about Easter which was the next holiday coming up on the calendar.   Alexis wanted to capture the Easter Bunny with plenty of colorful Easter eggs.

'I had plenary of time to think on what to bring. I went to my local dollar tree to buy colorful eggs and a basket, one of my friends gave me cute stuffed bunny plushies and beautiful eggs to use. As for the outfits I had a white harness I had from a previous photoshoot, a white thong, bunny ears, a fluffy white tail and white gloves. I also brought another set to wear that was Easter themed to match my tank top and jockstrap. '

For the shoot outside, Alexis wore all white, except for the blue in on his bunny ears.  While he was hopping around the yard, all of his exposed skin attracted some unwanted guests.  No, they weren't caught by passerby's, but Alexis' bare skin attracted many incents who wanted a nibble.  After getting bitten a few times, he and Tom moved up to the patio where they continued to shoot a few more shots.

Once they were finished outside, they moved inside to shoot, and Alexis changed into another outfit.  Inside, the tone changed with any child like innocence left outside on the lawn. Alexis is passionate about body positivity and wastes no time on negativity or shame.  This positive view of his body and nudity made it natural for Alexis to expose not only his body, but his sensuality in front of the lens.

Although confident with his body, Alexis shares that there were some nerves, but not about being naked, the nerves actually came before the day of the shoot.  Although he loves his body, when Alexis first saw Tom's Instagram,  the nerves kicked in.  When viewing all of the images of incredibly buff and perfect bodies, Alexis worried Tom might not want to shoot him.

'It was my childhood friend Simm who showed me Tom's work and his Instagram page.  I've been friends with Simm since elementary school, and saw that he'd also been on FH. (HERE:) I was nervous when I texted Tom because in my head I got worried that he doesn’t accept average guys like me.'

As FH are keenly aware,  Tom shoots a diverse mixture of men, and all types of beautiful bodies.  It's one of the reasons I love featuring his work so much.  So many of the models that Tom has worked with have shared their stories of what a positive and empowering experience it was working with him.  I've been fortunate to have been able to share many of their stories.

'Working with Tom was amazingly wonderful. It took place at the time when I was starting my body positivity account on Instagram. When he said yes,  I became both excited and nervous because I'd never worked with a professional photographer before. 

I actually cried when I saw how beautiful my pictures I was filled with happiness and joy. And I hope I continue to work with Tom and take photos in the future. I loved my Easter experience and it's role in  my process of body positivity.'