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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 26th

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Camping and cats?  Believe me, it's not usually a great idea.  I've done it, but taking a house cat camping, and putting on a leash for the first time, is traumatic for the cat, and the person on the other of the leash...

A Visit to Venice:

Like many, I've been reading about, and watching promotional interviews and ads for HBO Max's The Last Movie Stars.  The Ethan Hawke directed series looks back and celebrates the life of superstars Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.  I hadn't really planned to post yet, as I've yet to watch the series, but a certain image of Paul on the beach had me changing my mind. 

When I researching my piece on Frank Sinatra last week, I ended up on IMDB to see if I'd ever actually seen a Frank Sinatra movie.  I hadn't, not that I could remember anyway.  But on the side of Sinatra's credits was an image of Newman and a themed photo album ladled 'Vintage Celebrities at the Beach.' (HERE:)

Along with Elizabeth Taylor and the usual suspects was a shot of Newman walking in his 'swimming suit'.  Had it been the 70's he may have been sporting a speedo, had it been the 80's, maybe shorts, but given it was the 50's, I'd safely say they were called swimming trunks at the time..  When I was growing up in the 80's, my mother always said 'bathing suit' but father always called them 'trunks', no matter how we groaned. 

Newman was in Venice for the 1963 Venice film festival and took a little break for a quick dip.  I'm guessing here, but it  looks as if Newman may have been on a boat as he often appears with a guy looking very much like the captain of the yacht he may have been traveling on.  I'm not sure what film Newman was promoting but I'm guessing possibly Hud which was released in May of that year.

Humperdinck's Haunches

'I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I'm swamped.'
Prince Humperdinck

Last week, after another airing of The Princess Bride, I posted about my love and lust for Farm Boy, played by actor Cary Elwes. (HERE:)  In addition to the loving the film, I've also previous posted about the nude scenes from cast members Christopher Guest, (HERE:) and Mandy Patinkin. (HERE:)  I wasn't aware however, that Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon) also had a nude scene in his cinematic past. 

I grew up watching Sarandon on screen and remember watching many of his movies including; Child's Play, Protocol and Fright Night on VHS on my family's old Television set.  Sarandon was also nominated for an Oscar for his role in 1975's  Dog Day Afternoon.  I've never actually seen Dog Day Afternoon, but plan on catching it the next time it's on TCM.

The Sarandon's  (1968) by Wayne Higgs

Sarandon continued to act regularly through the 90's and 2000's with regular appearances on television shows including: Chicago Hope, Felicity, ER and Judging Amy.  Many may also know that Chris was married to Susan Sarandon in the sixties.  The couple divorced in 1979.  Soon after, Chris married model Lisa Ann Cooper and had three children before they divorced in 1989.  

The Princess Guys

I'm certainly a huge fan of Sarandon's third and current wife, Joanna Gleason, the original, and definitive Baker's Wife from Into The Woods.  The two have been married since 1994 after meeting while starring together in the short-lived 1991 Broadway musical Nick & Nora..

Fright Night (1985)

I've always found Sarandon attractive, but in researching this piece, didn't realize how hot he is and was.  During the 70's and 80's, Sarandon had the tall, dark and handsome thing down pat and looks a little like the love child of Michael Nouri and Steven Bauer.  Sarandon only has one 'nude' scene in his credits from the 1976 crime thriller Lipstick

Lipstick (1976)

'A top fashion model seeks justice after she is brutally raped by her teenaged sister's music teacher.'

Today, Lipstick could be a decent episode of Law & Order but the filmed ended up being a fairly decent courtroom drama,  There were great performances by Chris, Anne Bancroft and a young Perry King.  I can't say the same for the Hemmingway sisters, who never really seemed to get the 'hang' of acting.

Stepping Stones: Kade Fox by Emerging Talent Images

It's been over a decade since I featured the work of Bill from Emerging Talent Images.  Regardless of how passionate one is about their art, sometimes you just need to take a break.  Between the pandemic and the challenges life throws at you, Bill took a bit of hiatus from shooting, but he's back looking for aspiring models to shoot and support as they begin their career in modeling. 

Cultivating new talent has always been Bill's focus and after first meeting Kade Sullivan Fox, he immediately saw someone with a great look, a great attitude and an obvious potential for success.  Bill first met Kade through a mutual friend who Bill had previously worked with.  Kade had never modeled before, but was interested in trying something new and giving it a shot.

'Kade was very comfortable in front of the camera and would fall naturally into the poses. He was easy to direct and had great energy. I think he has the potential to be successful in modeling if he chooses that path. He and I have discussed a beach shoot, and I look forward to working with him again soon. '

'I’ve always dreamt of being an artist, a musician or an actor, in the public eye and putting on a show. I’ve talked about wanting to be an actor since I was a young child, as well as writing music and honing a knack for the piano. Something in me is drawn to the idea of making people feel something that I feel through some form of art. Modeling is of course a great stepping stone into the entertainment industry, so when I met Bill I thought I’d give it a shot!'

First impressions of Bill?
We totally hit it off— Bill is a very laid-back guy. He’s very easy to get along with, and once we discussed photography and modeling it was just kind of like, “so when are we doing this?”

Did you set any boundaries?
I don’t have a ton of experience in front of the camera so I can’t say for sure. I’m not the kind of person to really shy away from being bold when it comes to what I put out there, so I can’t imagine that I would have too many limitations. As long as I’m looking right, that is! 

Tell me about your first shoot with Bill?
Bill is super easy to work with, he made me feel totally comfortable but, at the same time, wasn’t afraid to tell me if something wasn’t working or didn’t look right. For a model who’s comfortable with constructive criticism, that balance is the mark of a great photographer and definitely was my favorite part of working with him. 

Thoughts when the shoot was over?
I would love for the work I did with Bill (and the work we will be doing soon) to lead to more modeling opportunities, which could lead to other things as well! I’m open to a lot and I’m always looking for opportunities as I’m now located on the MS Gulf Coast, east of New Orleans. I absolutely loved the way they turned out. Bill did a great job of capturing what I was trying to portray in each set of photos. I couldn’t have asked for better!