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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 9th

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Happy Birthday today January 9th

Happy Birthday Santiago!

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Young Love

As much nudity as we now see on cable television, there was a time, our only opportunity to see boobies, butts, (and the rare flash of peen) on screen was by going to the movies.  In the past few weeks, one pair of young on-screen lovers is suing over their cinematic exposure.  Thankfully, another also looked back fondly on their time together frolicking on film in the buff.  Check them both out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Just Because: Michael Cera

Until recently, I'd never been a huge fan of actor Michael Cera.  Although I like me a hot nerd, I just never got into most of his movies or really appreciated the many talents in his arsenal.  Admittedly, I haven't seen many of Cera's movies, and the ones I have didn't leave much of an impression. I know Juno got Oscar nominations and critical acclaim, but I didn't really enjoy it much at all. 

My feelings about the actor however, changed earlier this year. After seeing Cera in the Amy Schumer led series Life & Beth, I began seeing the actor from a completely different lens.  This was cemented this past week, after seeing Cera on one of the semi-final episode of Celebrity Jeopardy. 

Life & Beth (2022)

I liked Cera's character on the series, and also loved his more mature look.  His facial hair was really sexy and also loved that he gained a few pounds.   His winning his Jeopardy game only made him hotter, although admittedly, his competition wasn't that stiff.  Many of this years celebrity contestants seem weaker, and less of 'celebrities' than I remember in the past.

There are a few of my favorite actors and my favorites hotties working the buzzer however.  In addition to Cera, I  especially enjoyed watching Ike Barinholtz,  Joel Kim Booster, John Michael Higgins, and Ray Romano playing the game.  There are still a few games to go before the finals and looking forward to seeing Patton Oswalt and B.J Novack in upcoming episodes. 

This Is The End (2013)

Luke G: Weather Or Not...

'I'm melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world.'
Wicked Witch of the West

Many people who don't live where the winter's is winter, might think the weather is seasonally consistent.  It used to be that it cold in December and remained mostly below freezing until late February or early March.  It's not that way anymore...

Over the last 10 or 12  years, hastened by climate change, there are few days in the winter that are the same.  It's freezing cold one day, then spring like the next.  It shows one week, then rains the next.  There are many days when it rains, the temperature drops at night leaving everything an icy mess.  

A few years ago, the regular thaw then freeze was so bad, the town where I live gave up on trying to get rid of the ice.  It was inches, even feet thick and the sidewalks and many roads were coated for months. We were simply told there was little public works could do, and we were all warned to be careful, and to wait until spring for it to finally melt. 

When model and artist Luke G. headed out in late December to capture winter shots for FH, it was freezing cold with the forest blanketed in s now.  It was then, Luke dunked his beautiful backside into the snow.   When he went out again in January, to complete the set, most of the snow had melted and the woods were a mushy, muddy mess. 

'It's not a usual winter, but with the loss of snow it's a bit more bearable out for creating. Where it lacks in appeal with snow being visible in the photos, leaves me an opportunity to be almost as free as I can be in the warmer months. That being said, snow or no snow, the creating will not stop for me.'

What inspired your first 'winter' shoot? 
It was just the need to still be out creating, the thought of sitting idle all winter sounded awful haha 

Do you know the coldest temp it's been while you've been shooting nude? 
I think my record is around 10°?  Which definitely isn't a good idea for how much time self portraits take, but again it stems from not being able to sit still. 

What body part gets the coldest, your fingers, toes or another extremity? 
Generally my fingers get it the worst, since I'm not only posing but having to adjust the camera as such. My toes and everything else seems to handle the temperature better. 

If you could pick one word for that split second your butt hits and is emersed in snow,....
One word? Mistake hahaha but that feeling is quickly replaced by success when I've seen I've gotten the image. 

Have you ever gotten sick from shooting in the cold? 
Oh a handful of times, comes with the territory. Jumping your bodies internal temperature back and forth is bound to bring about a cold. Generally I just weigh the pros and cons of how much it's worth it. 

Do your families, friends or girlfriend know you shoot naked in the snow? If so, do they think your crazy or support your art? 
They all know, but it seems they try to pretend that I don't do it. My friends and family just find it very odd since they don't understand. Sometimes my girlfriend gets weary because I'm naked for the world to see, just takes reminding that it's both art and therapy to me.