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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 18th

Max by msbimages
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Happy Birthday today June 18th

Happy 31st to actor Richard Madden!

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Succulent Selfies

Finn Bálor: The Irish Captivator

'I’ll prove without a shadow of doubt that I’m the best wrestler in the world.'

On his WWE superstars bio page, Fergal Devitt, aka, Finn Bálor is described as athletic, charismatic, occasionally demonic, and a bonafide worldwide sensation. They left out how hot the Irish wrestler is with those incredibly legs of his not to mention his piercing eyes and beautiful lips!

After training at NWA UK Hammerlock, Finn debuted for them in 2000 at the age of 18, soon winning the NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship. After graduating, his wrestling career started quickly, and he began touring Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In 2006, Finn signed a contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling and wrestled wearing a mask under the name of the second Pegasus Kid.

Over the years he took on other characters, but thankfully, stopped covering up his gorgeous face with a mask. Some of Finn's wrestling nicknames over the years have included; Irish Young Gun, The Irish Captor, Real Rock 'n Rolla and the Real Shooter. Since joining the WWE, Finn has been known as The Demon King.

msbimages: The MaX Factor

'One of those southern boys with eyes the color of Coca-Cola'

I love the quote from writer Andrew Holleran that photographer Michal Boothe chose to describe Max's eyes. Coca-Cola not only expresses a color, but also a place, time and even a vibe. Today, most people just use 'Coke' when describing the dark cola beverage. Using Coca-Cola however, conjures up long hot summers from the past. Southern boys drinking tall, frosty, ice filled glasses full of cola to quench their thirst. Many of us grew up watching commercials with Coca-Cola being the only way and the only beverage, to really beat the heat.

When I think of 'Coke' I think of the vibrant red which is now used sell the product. When I think of Cola-Cola, I think of the rich golden brown color that used to fill my glass. Coca-Cola had a caramel shimmer, an almost magical sheen that made it seem extra special. Although we now know that sheen was chemically created, it didn't take away from how much most of us loved it when we were younger. Although I don't drink much soda these days,I remember when I was kid, a tall glass Coca-Cola  meant a celebration, birthday or special occasion.

'Max is completely comfortable in front of a camera, I have shot with him several times and he has become one of my favorite models He has beautiful skin - the kind the seems to have no pores and to quote Andrew Holleran... 'he is one of those" southern boys with eyes the color of Coca Cola'.

With those few descriptive sentences, Michal said so much about his experience shooting Max. Not just about his eyes and skin, but also how he presented and the richness he captured during the shoot. Despite a difficult childhood,  Max always pushed himself toward success. His first love is music, especially hip hop, and Max taught himself to play the piano and guitar.The 26 year old is also the founding partner in a local music production company.

I love Max's look, those golden brown eyes, his expressive face and hot lean body. I don't usually mention a model's penis, but Max does have.... an especially photogenic one. Given He mentioned it himself, (see below) I thought it it appropriate to note it's undeniable visual appeal. Michal reports that Max did being a page and profile for Model Mayhem, but sadly never finished it. Maybe, if his images are well received, Max may go back and finish. I think there are many photographers who would love to work with Max.

In order help get to know a bit about the men he shoots, Michal has begun asking them to fill out a questionnaire to get a little insight into the person inside the naked body we are viewing and enjoying. Like Vanity Fair's Proust Questionnaire, it is always fascinating to see how people perceive themselves, and given they're posing nude, how they feel about their body and their thoughts on how their images might be received. Below are some of Max's responses.

If asked, who are you, how you would answer or define yourself?
An artistic character with an eclectic style

How do you see yourself?                 
Beautiful, inside and out                    

Are you secure in your physical image

What is your favorite part of your body?
My abs and my penis

Being seen nudes make you think or feel...?
Great, nostalgic

Why do you think you feel comfortable nude?
I'm comfortable with my body and am a sensual person

What drives you                                 
My visions and goals in life                 

How do you imagine your future?
Successful and fun

What is your definition of Beauty?
Someone who has a colorful soul

Do you fear the physical changes of getting older?
Of course!