Saturday, April 15, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 16th

Bath time for Bunny by Ryan Edward Scott
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Bunny Season

Happy Easter!

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Michael by photobyjd.

Many of us remember waking up on Easter morning hoping for more than just chocolate eggs. Many of us wanted something furry and cuddly for Easter, a bunny or maybe even an adorable baby chick! Alas, most of us were disappointed not to have a new pet to celebrate the day. Some of us though, got fake fur and feathers in the form of a stuffed bunny, bear or other toy animal. On second thought... an adorable furry bear, especially if it was Entertain Me's Michael, wouldn't be so bad to wake up and cuddle with on Easter morning!

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Eastergrams that Inspire


I have been following the career of the incredibly talented Nick Adams since first seeing him doing his Lonely Goatherd number from 2008's Broadway Bares. Since then, I have followed Nick and his career with close to 50 stories and posts on FH.

To help celebrate Easter, Nick returned to join The Skivvies (Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley) last month to perform a medley all about Easter. I think we can all agree, that in his Skivvie, skivvies, Nick jumping is a joy to behold!

Down the Rabbit Hole

'You'll be having a bad hared day....'

When selecting stories for holiday's, I usually first by looking for a 'holiday hunk'. With Christmas and Halloween, it is easy, as there are hundreds of movies set on or about the those two particular holidays. Easter is a little trickier. There are Easter movies, most, like The 10 Commandments, are Christian based films, and not many are full of hunky naked actors. (although I did profile Charlton Heston and the cast of The 10 Commandments last Easter weekend. (Exodus 20)

Soooo, then I look for holiday inspired images, and with Easter, those usually involved hot guys wearing a pair of bunny ears. This year, when searching for holiday shots, the images, and especially those bunnies... started looking a lot more sinister. I came upon a site that listed Easter movies, and in the horror section was a film called Easter Bunny:Kill Kill, with the clever tag line 'Time to Dye!'

I was hooked. Other tag lines such as 'The Hunt is On', A Different Kind of Hip-Hop Tail and Here Comes Peter CottonHell had me on a Horror movie Easter hunt, for more Rabbit Raging films. The hunt was not a difficult one as I was sort of surprised to find out how many bunny killer themed movies have been made.

Most are B movies with limited budgets and few have actors you have heard of.  But...the titles, taglines and posters were enough of a draw to keep me interested. There are quite a few trailers and scenes on Youtube if any of these films grab you, but be warned, after years of being gutted at the hands of humans, these bunnies get their much deserved, and very bloody revenge.