Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Quaternate: Robert Colgan

The Photography of Robert Colgan

An old bank vault, abandoned buildings, factories, farm houses, a prison and a Veterans memorial hall. These are all places photographer Robert Colgan has visually taken viewers of his work. Whenever I profile Robert's work, the locations play an important part of the story. Robert's stories, the places that he has captured, and the models who joined him, have been some of my favorite stories to dive into and explore. Great artists, like great stories, take you places you might otherwise never experience if not for their work and I thank Robert for letting FH join him on so many adventures since first featuring his imagery back in 2009.


Favorite Pic of the Day for October 12th

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Happy Birthday today October 12th

Happy 35th to Rugby's Guillaume Bouss├Ęs

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Facts About Favorites: Thanks John Mayer

You may not know that John Mayer, and his fluorescent green thong, was in small part, responsible for FH's success. Back in early 2008, in the early stages of the site, I was sent some images of Mayer from his now infamous music cruise.

Although I wasn't the first to post them, my piece came out early enough that many other sites and blogs linked to the images and post. For the next week FH's site hits went through the roof! After a week or so, the hits certainly went down, but it drew a huge number of people to the site, many of whom continue to visit again and again.

Ten: Location Location Location: Michael MM by Robert Colgan

On The Rails

'Doing an on location shoot with Rob is like going on an Urbex adventure. He always picks a really cool spot and even when we're between shooting sessions, we've got a cool environment to explore.'

The Water Plant

I love featuring Robert's images and when I recently contacted him about a return visit, was excited to hear he had recently shot with a new model. Given Robert's love of places, and spaces, Robert was happy to find the model, Michael MM, was also enthusiastic for the environmentals. For this shoot, there were three locations. And bandoned rail car, not far from a busy road with people and cars coming and going, and two locations a little more private. A long ago closed Electric company building and a water plant.

'After crawling through a window to get inside, we encountered some pipes separated by deep openings. after getting some interesting shots up top, we moved into the lower level. The timing was perfect as the sun created some cool shafts of light. Knowing the art of photography myself, I can see Rob's passion reflected in the composition of every photo. Whether it's an up close perspective from a lower angle or a distant shot through an opening, he uses the environment as an integral part of his framing and not only as a backdrop.'

After first doing a studio shoot, Robert and Michael ventured to the three locations on their second shoot together. After crawling into that factory window, photographer and model were greeted with a visual feast of lines and pipes, abandoned equipment, deep pit like openings and a 50 foot drop. 25 year old Michael only recently started modeling and his work with Robert was first experience getting down and dirty on location shoot.

If you send 5 artists to a beach, you'll end up with 5 different visuals of that same beach. One focused on ocean views, one on plant life, one on the sun and sky and one, or maybe two, on shirtless swimmers. Location shoots don't just show places, they also show bit about the people in front of, and behind the lens. What they focus on, how they move and relate to the environment. It is fascinating to see what is seen, what is felt and what is experienced.

The Electric Company

'Michael is a curious young man and always enthusiastic about being in front of the lens He has proved to be very open to any idea or concept and being new to location work, it was interesting to watch him in the different locations, experimenting with his figure in space. I think he appreciates the final conceptual goal and wants to be a part of that mechanism. He has been a wonderful part of the creative process because he understands a lot about photography as a physical and technical medium. Michael seems ready to take on whatever project is thrown his way. And it's exciting to watch his progress...'

'The major electric plant building was the most difficult to get into but it was worth it. The environment inside was stunning with large abandoned machinery and some cool corridors.'